DIY: felt & foam camera cozy with mushrooms!


I’ve received a lot of positive feedback overall on my crocheted camera cozy here (THANKS!), but I’ve also received feedback about how its not so good idea to wrap a lens with wool & yarn as it holds dust and gets fuzzy & fluffy.

I’ve been using my crocheted camera cozy for awhile now and it still looks fine to me. Maybe a little bit dirty on the edges, but the fluffyness is really minimum (you can see it for yourself, scroll!).

But for the cautious people out there, I've made a new camera cozy with felt & foam and top off with cute mini crocheted mushrooms. I gotta stay true to crochet right c: I hope you’ll like it and I hope you’ll try it out! Feel free to leave a question if needed!


Niet lang geleden heb ik een camera cozy gehaakt met acryl wol, waarvan ik heel veel lof en positieve reacties voor kreeg (DANKJEWEL!) maar ik heb ook feedback gekregen waarbij mensen zich afvragen of het niet te veel stof zou vangen en op ten duur pluizig wordt?

Ik gebruik mijn cozy al een tijdje en vaak en hij is best handig en ondersteunt mijn lens. Ik moet wel zeggen dat de witte randjes beetje vies aan het worden, maar de pluizigheid valt best mee. Bekijk het zelf maar hieronder!

Speciaal voor de behoedzame mensen hier heb ik een nieuwe camera cozy gecreëerd met vilt en foamboard papier. En afgemaakt met gehaakte paddenstoeltjes! Ze zijn zo schattig en ik hoop dat je ze leuk vindt. Probeer het uit zou ik zeggen!
You need: felt & paperfoam ( both: 20x30 cm), thread and needle, glue, scissor, pen, yarn, buttons
For the mushroom: cotton yarn (white & red), crochet hook 1.25 mm, a decoration puffy yarn  

Thanks to Kirsten Tibbals 'Eve' cake from Masterchef AU for the inspiration! The cake looks so cute and delicious honest.

Ta-da, the current state of my woolen camera cozy... You can try this DIY out here!

Make sure you turn the 'wrong side' (with all the trace marks) on the inside before you glue it together. 

A double knot at the backside. 

My poor stitching skill... 

Added the so-called rocks and pebbles which gives more depth I think?

Not a fan of all the bells and whistles, you can easily leave the mushrooms out and safe yourself some time c: 

And I'm quite happy how it looks c: 

The Steps:

  1. Measure the paperfoam by simply wrapping around the camera lens. Trace it and cut it. TIP: leave some space and keep it widely. You can always cut away the unnecessary. 
  2. Do the same thing with the felt (see picture). 
  3. Once you have cut out the paperfoam and felt template, glue them together.

  4. Make the lens opening (see picture). 
  5. Get your thread and needle ready as we are gonna sew the edges. I simply use the 'whipstitch'.
  6. When you're at the very end of the thread and you run out, leave a long tail and slip it under the stitches you've made.
  7. Attaching a button: with any buttons (no to small and it should fit the loop) attach it with thread and needle. It's really simple..
  8. Basically you're done, but if you're like me sucker for decorations make some mushrooms. I've used Creacarmen as base and you can use her free pattern
Good luck! 


  1. OH my GOSH! So cuteeee!! Het is echt superleuk geworden, en wat lief dat je mijn patroontje hebt gebruikt ^^ yay! Ik ga ook een nieuwe camerahoes maken, nu ben ik helemaal geinspireerd door jou! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, SO so cute!! I think this is one of my favourite diy's ever! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. The little mushrooms make it look magical (fairy-tale-ish)!

  4. Ahh you're so creative - I am not very handy or crafty, but I think I want to try making this. Thanks for the tutorial :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. That is so super cute!! I think I'll head to the art shop and cover up my canon Lens.

  6. This is absolutely amazing! I'd love one for my Canon!

  7. Whaa dit ziet er heel leuk uit! Ga ik zeker ook eens maken. Weet ik gelijk wat ik met al die paperfoam moet doen die ik me een tijdje geleden heb aangeschaft en eigenlijk nooit gebruik.

  8. This is amazing!
    You are so talented!


  9. The part about dust didn't cross my mind, but nothing that can't be fixed with some regular cleaning and dusting! I love the cozy, it is so great. I've been toying with the idea of creating a full body knit cozy for my camera. Always good to have a little protection :)

  10. Hi there lovely! Such an original and inspiring DIY I've seen for months - I'll love to try this!

    -   say hi to me on my new outfit post -

    see you,
    The Milano Mode

  11. This is just so cute !!

  12. Lovely DIY!
    May I ask where you bought the paperfoam and gluegun? :)

  13. That lense cover is oh so cute!! You have the cutest DIYs, I swear!

  14. ah this is so so cute! :) i really need to make something like that

  15. Oh my god, it's so cute! You're so creative!

  16. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
    The mushrooms are soooo adorable!!

    Have a great day,

  17. OMGGGGG!! Can it get any cuter? The little mushrooms are sooo stinking cute!!!


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