DIY: Wooden Bracelets


I sure keep you busy with DIY projects lately! My DIY’s are usually no-brainers, something that you can easily do at home without using special odd tools.

After checking out ‘Mama Miss – Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet’ I was intrigued to make my own version of wooden bracelets! How genius is she to create bracelets out of stirrers or finished popsicles!

This DIY is still pretty easy yet time consuming (takes 2-3 days) and it requires patience which I think is the hardest part in this DIY of mine. But at the end its rewarding because you’ll harvest these amazing bracelets which I think it makes a great gift as well!

Please try them out c:  


Alweer een DIY post! Ja ja, ik hou jullie bezig! Mijn DIY’s zijn meestal makkelijk die je gewoon thuis kunt maken zonder enige speciale gereedschappen.

Ik ga ook vaak langs blogs van DIY guru’s voor inspiraties, nieuwe technieken leren en updaten. Ik was ook onder de indruk van ‘Mama Miss – Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet’! Van een simpel roerstaafje tot een armband maken, hoe geniaal kun je zijn?

Deze DIY is vrij simpel maar wel tijdrovend (neemt zo,n 2-3 dagen in beslag) en geduld zijn is koning. Maar wanneer het goed gelukt is loont het, want je krijgt echt leuke armbanden voor terug! En ook leuk als cadeautjes of als kleinigheidje!

Dus, probeer ze uit zou ik zeggen!
You need:  wooden sticks (popsicles, stirrers etc.), a tall glass/mug, water, nail polishes or any paint will do. 
Not a single word lied about soaking them for 2 days, its really necessary so be patience! 

 My nailpolish stash is really pathetic :c

Since they are made of wood, its possible that the sticks will float up so get a dish on top to prevent them from floating.
Also, I suggest you to soak more sticks in case you might break one... 

Once the wood all dried up, the fun part begins! Paint! Paint! 

 These are my design, I thought leaving the wood part is nice. I hope to see yours c:  


  1. Wauw cool!! Ik ga stokjes verzamelen :P Ik ben wel niet zo'n fan van armbandjes die makkelijk af vallen, maar misschien kan ik ze klein genoeg maken :) xx

  2. haha these are such quirky pieces! great diy! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. So chic! I love this idea. :)


  4. Wow these are so delicately gorgeous.
    Your diy have really nice tips that would be very helpful. Can't wait to try these out!

  5. Hi!
    Such a nice bangle.I like this color.


  6. that is such a unique and great idea, even for a DIY novice like me! x

  7. Oh wow! Ongelooflijk dat je dit hebt gedaan met houten stokjes! Ziet er heel breekbaar uit, maar wel heel tof! :o

  8. Oh they are so adorable! Lovely diy.

    Have a Merry Christmas, my dear xx

  9. omg! how neat! i definitely learned patience while trying out different crafts and baking this year. before if i was told to keep the dough in the fridge for an hour i would not have the patience to do that.. or letting the dough rise. oh no oh no. but now going through that process just makes for a better outcome in the end. thanks for another lovely diy!

  10. They look amazing! I never would have though to even try something like this, I'd usually just throw my stirrers into the recycling!

    Jennie xo |

  11. Whoaa.. that is really creative!! The results turned out really well too! They look gorgeous! <33 I'm so glad you're doing so many DIYs! I'll be sure to try one or two during this winter break!! :) xx

    Chic Nikkie
    Bloglovin' | Facebook

  12. such a nice idea!
    - Charlotte

  13. Wauw, wat ziet dat er mooi uit! Ik hou wel van simpele armbandjes, leuk idee! Ik zal eens beginnen met het verzamelen van stokjes ;)

  14. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Hellooo - this is a perfect idea! So clever!

    Have the best day ever,

  15. Super gaaf! Ik heb echt duizenden van die roerstaafjes voor het maken van maquettes, maar dit is een veel leukere idee :D xx

  16. Wat een tof idee, dat ga ik deze vakantie zeker eens proberen!

    Liefs, Janna

  17. wow! they are really creative as always :D

  18. I love your designs and how you left the trace of wood behind =) If you boil the wooden sticks on a pot, they bend much faster, you may want to try that if you want it fast ;)

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  20. This is really nice! I like the mix of natural and elegant elements a lot.


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