Tutorial: gif. images (with Photoshop)


Now and then I have readers wondering and asking how I do my gif. images. All my gif. images are made with Photoshop version CS6. I have also said that I’ll do a tutorial, so if you’ve always wanted to make gif. images and have Photoshop, then this tutorial might be the one for you!

 For people who don’t have Photoshop, GIMP (free) might be the one for you, as I've heard good reviews about it! Here is a good site where you can upload & create gif. images:

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message!

Voor de mensen die zich afvragen hoe ik nou die bewegende ‘gif. images’ maak, jullie vraag is gehoord hoor! Ik kon het ook niet gedaan hebben zonder mijn grote vriend Photoshop versie CS6. Dus als jij net als ik PS heb en altijd al gif. images willen maken, dan heb ik hier tips en trucjes voor jou!

Geen PS? No problemo. De gratis programma 'GIMP' kan ook mooie design en foto's effect maken! Hier is een site die ik weleens gebruik waarbij je online je foto’s oplaad: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/

Mocht je vragen hebben, laat gewoon een berichtje achter!

1. To have all your images on the same page, you can do that by copy/paste. But! You can save a lot of time by using Adobe Bridge. 

2. Timeline is your friend. 

3. I hope my silly steps are clear, if not, feel free to leave a note!

4. For shooting pictures, I highly recommend you to use a tripod. 


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  1. Woohoo! Dankjewel voor de tutorial ^^ Ik heb net 'GIMP' gedownload, zeg maar de gratis versie van Photoshop, nu hopen dat die dit ook kan! xx

  2. Wat voor statief heb je? :i ik wil er een gaan kopen heb alleen geen verstand van, haha. Erg handige tutorial en het maakt me hongerig haha

  3. Yayy! I'm so happy you posted this, thank you.

  4. Great tutorial - I've been trying to figure out how to make a gif for some of my photos. Thanks for writing this post!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. That is really awesome. I've made some using clips from my camera but not with like... proper stop animation stuff.

  6. I have always wondered how people create gif images. So thanks for this!! Will have to try one day

  7. thanks a lot for the tutorial! i've been dying to know how to make gif pics lol.


  8. Wat een handig en duidelijk artikel!! Ik ga het zeker een keertje uitproberen!

  9. That's a very useful blog post, thanks for sharing !

  10. Dat is echt wel super leuk gedaan!

  11. Ah what a super handy tutorial! and I love how your food gif turned out, it's 9:30 at night here but now I want breakfast :P

  12. Jee! Dat het met de nieuwste Photoshop kon wist ik, maar het vinden van een goede hostingsite was een drama, thanks! Je maakt ze ook zo mooi! :) Liefs

  13. Very nice!!



  14. Wat een handig artikel! Ik ben geen held in het maken van gifs, maar ik wil het wel supergraag gaan proberen nu ik dit heb gezien :)

  15. I already knew how to make gif images, but I really like how you made this tutorial! It was a lot of fun to look through all the steps as you made them very easy to understand and they are a real pleasure to the eyes!
    I really enjoyed this post & I cannot wait to see more posts from you! :)

    New International giveaway on my blog (Win an item of your own choice!)

  16. I also love to make stop motion animation :)! This post makes me hungry! haha XD

  17. Thanks for this, a gif has been on my to-try-out list for ages!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

  18. cool touch on the last collage :)

  19. i have yet to try making gif images. they are so fun to see :)

  20. ohh love this tutorial! will definitely try it out :) thanks for sharing! x

    & Pretty Things

  21. omygod omygod :DD i've seenn some ppl making a-stop-motion video andd am soo curious to makeone hahaha gonna start it by trying this tutorial :3 thanks for sharing! xo

  22. This is an amazing tutorial girl! I recently purchased a tripod and I love being able to learn tips and tricks from other bloggers. Thank you so much for sharing! :)


  23. very well explained!



  24. This is super useful! I was recently reading about how to do this in Photoshop, but this tutorial is much easier and clearer. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  25. Thanks for the cool post!

    xo' M

  26. Zo leuk! En mmmm dat ziet er heerlijk uit! :D

  27. Wow I like how to demonstrate step by step. Very easy to understand. Must pin this for future use :)

  28. pfft sometimes i feel so embarrassed and stupid that i have forgotten how to make a gif simply because:
    1) i'm a design student and it's so awkwardly silly that a design student can't make gif because it's like..the most basic animation essential/needed
    2) .....self can edit a video/mv but can't make gif. what is wrong with you, self.

    so yeah, i'm so very thankful for this tutorial. and with PS CS6 too! augh, i need to upgrade to cs6... wanna buy the official adobe apps but parents are 1) so stingy, 2) refusing to understand and 3) oblivious in a "idc" manner about the major i'm studying. bah. even now i'm using indesign cc trial to build my ipad magazine pfft they're like, "if you can still use the pirated version then do that instead" ..... /facepalm

  29. I have to try to make gif's sometime soon! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  30. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! i love this post! i have always tried to figure exactly how to do a gif!

    I am following you now and i hope you follow back!


  31. Awesome tutorial, thanks Mei. I was wondering how to do this!


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