DIY: miniature assorted cookies (WINNER ANNOUNCING)

When I was little, I found biscuits in those round
tin can so beautiful and attractive to see. You know
those Danish butter cookies in various shapes! 
That inspired me to create this ring with a platter
full of cookies!

Here I'm sharing some tips and tricks in making
them, enjoy! 

Used Fimo:  #champagne ,  #chocolate 
Used tools: toothpick, skewer, mini clay cutters, toothbrush, paint brush
Used materials: pastel bars (orange), Fimo Liquid, 

 Make chocolate: Mix a small piece of the Fimo clay with Fimo Liquid. Stir with skewer until its combined and runny.
A 'baked' effect: scratch with a knife along the pastel bar until you have powder. Dab it with a paintbrush and brush
it gently on top of the cookie.  

Sold at my ETSY c: (Only 1 available)

Winner of my Daiso Charcoal Beautyproduct Giveaway: Kimberly! Congratulations, 
items will be send to you as soon as possible! 

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  2. I'm amazed at how realistic your miniatures look! I doubt I'd ever have the patience to do something like it, haha :)

  3. Wooow! That is one of the best DIY I've never seen!! I would love to try but I think I'm a mess to do these cute stuff. But I appreciate that you share it with us :) Nice job!

  4. oh the ring is so cute!:) and congrats to the winner of the giveaway!♥

  5. Sooooooo cute!!!

  6. the ring very special and very nice~~love it :)

  7. this is so cute! i love when you share the process of how your pieces are made!

  8. great idea!
    maybe we can follow each other??:*


  9. Het ziet er zo schattig uit! En zo leuk ook! :D en AAAA!! Dankje dankje dankje!!! <3 Ik ga je een mailtje sturen!! <3

  10. I'm so jealous of your miniature food things! They're so tiny and cute and everything and I want to eat especially those foody stuff haha :)

  11. It is really amazing to see how you create all these little pieces of art step by step.

  12. ahhh so THATS how those things are made! love this tutorial!

  13. omg those cookies are so cute and they look yumm! great job:) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  14. This cookies tray ring is so cute and they look delicious too! I'm all for cookies :D

  15. this is such a brilliant and cute idea!!

  16. I actually thought they were real!
    Great post :)


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    Instagram: KendraAlexandra
    Facebook: StolenInspiration

  17. Your ring looks so delicious! xoxo

  18. This is way to cute! Looks like real cookies! So creative! :D

  19. I love these miniature clay things you make! I would love to try and make some one day, maybe when i'm on holidays ^^

    à la foliee


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