DIY: origami lucky stars

 So I went with my dad to a home depot store the other day
to get some paint, because dad wanted to repaint the fridge (it turned
yellow-ish). I like to go to these kind of construction store.
Especially the paint/wallpaper section where I love to snatch some
wallpaper samples (don't worry I don't do that all the time) for
DIY purpose. An origami project to be exact! 

Now, I really envy those people who can do awesome origami
crafts while I can only fold cranebirds & stars, which I'll be
showing you in today's DIY post. And its a little bit different
because I'm using wallpaper with texture. 

Maybe a tip for birthdays, baby showers, wedding gifts? c:


  1. i love making lucky stars and filling them in jars and giving them as gifts <3


  2. Super cute :) mijn tante maakte die vroeger ook. Maar dan met cadeau linten. Hoefde ze niet meer in stroken te knippen haha :p

  3. I think the texture is lovely :)
    I can see a lot of these being made and being all over tables at weddings, in different colors, so perfect!

  4. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post! I always highly appreciate it when you take time to comment!
    I adore these stars, they look so pretty made from the wallpaper!

    Have a great day,

  5. I used to love making these in high school, along with origami cranes. So many memories.

  6. I love making lucky stars too. I have thousands of them stored in a jar. Btw, awesome tutorial photos and great idea with wallpapers!


  7. That's so cute !

  8. Ahhh wauw, wat een prachtige sterretjes. Heel mooi gedaan!

  9. Ooh, what a good idea to use textured wallpaper samples! Hehe, and it's free too ^_^
    I really like these paper stars! They're so sweet and cute - I'll have to try making them sometime, though I'm quite clumsy at stuff like this!

  10. ooh dat is echt leuk met dat soort papier! :o Ik kan alleen maar lucky stars vouwens en verder helemaal niets :')

  11. what a great idea to get samples over at home depot! i must try. and me too! the only thing i can make are cranes and stars. i used to make bottles and bottles and bottles worth of stars :)

  12. Ze er eigenlijk best wel makkelijk uit! Ook maar eens proberen :D

  13. You are so creative I love it!
    I wish I was as creative as you are.

    xo' M

  14. Super cute DIY !!! And we have the same ruler...Hello Kitty lover here ;)))

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  15. those are so much fun, I used to make them when I was little! haha awwww

  16. i used to love doing stars like this and i remember buying colorful papers that are already (specially) cut out in long,thin strips for the star folding purpose. and then i lost my patience because my stars are either ugly or just flat...ugly :P i envy people who can do neat and awesome handy-crafts *o* like..where do you guys get all the patience ack -.- the same goes for origami; the easiest for me is making trash box lol i can't even make cranes! i'm always lame when it comes to using hands to do stuff like this :P too impatient to do them.
    but i still want to keep a jar filled with paper stars like this though *o* it makes an adorable collection~

  17. Aww these are so cute, will definitely have to give them a try. Think they would look great as table decorations, scattered around the table, especially at Christmas time :) x

  18. Those are so cute! love the Gif too!

  19. That's neat :) thanks for sharing. I suck at doing crafty things like this :D but since it look's so cute, i might try it.

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