DIY: miniature lemon meringue pie

Lately I've been mulling about pies and cake. The miniature ones. 
To get inspired again, I grabbed one of my cookbooks where my
eyes caught the attention of the classical lemon meringue pie

A confession: I have never eaten a lemon meringue pie before
but the huge fluffy burned top on the pie always make me go
salivate. I should try and make this lemon pie don't you think? 
But lets nail this miniature one first! 

Fimo soft: white, champagne, Fimo effect: yellow transperantTranslucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)

The Fimo yellow transparent clay creates a nice illusion of the lemon filling in the pie. 

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I'm feeling: good!
Music: Jermain Wudstik (The Voice Of Holland) - Omarm me (Original by Bløf) - New season of The Voice of Holland has started and this guy is certainly one of the contestants with a high winning chances! He gave me chills from beginning to end. 
Food: tea biscuit
Drink: tea


  1. Ziet er zoo schattig uit! Want me to eat it hihi ^_^

  2. Oehh dit ziet er altijd zo heerlijk uit! Waar koop jij je fimo?

  3. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    SO, SO adorable. I love your miniatures!

    Have a great day,

  4. Miam, that looks so yummy seriously !
    Thanks for sharing


  5. the gif you have makes the pie look super cute! it looks so much like the real pie!

  6. even it didnt look real. it looks too yummy *_*

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    visit my blog ^_^
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  7. Such a cute lemon meringue pie! Pity that it isn't eatible.

  8. so adorable! I used to love making mini tea party scenes out of clay :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  9. These look so good and light!

  10. for a long while reading this post i thought these were real edible mini pies... haha but the fact that they're little charms makes them even cuter!!! love the effect you added to the top of these with the fluffed up fake egg whites :)

    rachel x

  11. Oh, they are so adorable! I really need to get into Fimo crafting... And I must confess these look good enough to eat!
    You should try making a lemon-meringue pie, what's the worst? You'll fail, and try again!

  12. They look so adorable!!
    And yummy too(:
    Great job!!^_^

  13. I'd eat them if I could haha :) Another great DIY!

  14. Hello,
    First of all thanks for emailing me back...
    I am obsessed about pies! I am allergic to chocolate so I love pies without cocoa powder such as anything with yummmy fruits! Your pie looks so good I wish I could live next door to you and just ring your bell and offer to sample your lemon meringue pie!
    xoxo, Eszter

  15. These look awesome (and delicious)! I've never even tried lemon meringue pie, but it looks so good.

  16. SOO CUTE! I love this DIY. And you should definitely try lemon meringue pie, it tastes really, really good. It's my favorite type of pie :)

  17. this looks flipping adorable!

  18. They are so cute and look so real, I would EAT one haha. You're so good at this!

  19. This is so cute :) Love your gifs of food :)

    Joyce @

  20. Omgoodness, this is cute at the same time one-bite yummilicious!

  21. Super tiny and cute! It looks like candy ^_^

  22. Ohhhh! Ik heb zo'n zin in lemon meringue nu! Ik bekeek net je shop op etsy trouwens, SUPERCUTE!!!

  23. Ohhhh, wat een mooie blog is dit *volgt. En wat is dit LIEF!!!

  24. you have so much talent! and i love lemon meringue pies. my best friend's mom used to make them and it was always a delight to eat!

  25. Aw these are adorable! I love lemon meringue pies - you should definitely try them. :)

  26. You've never had lemon meringue pie? OMG, go to the store and buy some, go go go! It's soooo deliiiiiicious. :)

  27. Ahh zo cute! :)



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