DIY: Mini oranges

I'm pretty sure I've read that our beloved GFC will disappear after
July? But I still see my numbers of follower growing (thank you!
and for myself can follow others as well. What are you up to, Google?

I've prepared a DIY-project for you guys: mini oranges with Fimo clay, my 
favorite! They also look a bit like tangerines..

Tool: Fimo clay, dotting pens, a toothpick/needle, an oven
1. Make a tiny ball and punch with a dotting pen (not too deep) a hole in the center on both sides. This will be your stems. 
2. As you look at a orange, you can see all these dents and dimples. We are creating that
by using the dotting pens and a toothpick. 
3. I start around the stems first by creating small dots (use toothpick) that goes bigger once it
goes further removed.

4. To create the stem, use a green colored Fimo clay. 
             - Stem: roll with your finger a little snake with thin end. Pile them up together diagonally. 
             It should look like a  star  now c: 
5. Place your green stem on the hole in the center. Bake the your design in an oven at 110°C for 30 minutes. Good luck! 

I prefer Fimo classic over Fimo Soft more because the classic is more manageable. 

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  1. Looks too cute !

  2. hello Nice blog

    It has been a while since I was here ! great post do drop by my new blog

  3. CUte!

  4. so cuute! i can't get enough of these mini oranges :)

  5. That is so adorable :)
    Great idea!!


  6. Interesting post, probably can come up with a fruit basket soon?

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I think it was a common misconception amongst bloggers that GFC would shut down - Google said only the Reader would go, and that's what happened! But somehow it became a rumour that GFC would also stop!
    Love these oranges, I would never have steady enough hands for these!

    Have a great day,

  8. So cute! You're so creative! It's Google Reader that was disappearing, not GFC ;)

  9. sooooo adorable. I have some nail art tools and random fimo. Looks like ive found my newest DIY project! :D

  10. like what everyone else said hahah it's so cute!

  11. Jeetje jij bent echt ongelofelijk creatief volgens mij!

  12. Awwww... So cute! I love these tutorials! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  13. Those are just super adorable!
    Google Friend Connect didn't go away, it was google reader that shut down, google friend connect now attaches to your google plus account I think. But instead of using reader now you have to use bloglovin.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  14. That's so adorable! I like how you're always making something new!

  15. OMMMMMMMMGGGGGG those are so cute. cute things make me giddy.

  16. You're so artist. I love that you have the mini green stem. Adorable!

  17. Ahh this is such a cute diy!

  18. The last time i worked with fimo (and I looove fimo!) was probably about 7 years ago.. It's really cool what you did with it! Using nail art tools to shape the texture of the tangerine is a great idea. btw it's the first time for me to see nail art tools..

  19. SO adorable :-)

  20. Hooray for more! I missed these! So cute, and tasty ;)

  21. i tried doing such but mine were far worst than that haha

  22. so cute orange!
    Wow, you have long nails, do you like it, its not disturb?

  23. Aw I love your tiny fruits (and other foods). They always look so real!

  24. Leuk! Ik ben ook al begonnen met fimo clay, love it!
    Ken je ook porcelain clay? ofzoiets XD


  25. Ooooh wat leuk zeg, ze zien er zo schattig uit! Nu beginnen mijn handen ook te kriebelen haha, ook leuk om zo een mini-fruitschaal te maken :D

  26. That's so cute, Mei!! I love the little orange. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  27. That's so cute! your creativity is amazing! :3
    By the way thank you for dropping by at my blog and leaving a nice comment, i really appreciate that and oh' i followed you! hehe hopefully, you can follow me back so we can keep in touch here x


  28. cool tutorial :)
    following each other would be great!

  29. This is adorable and I can really see that you put A LOT of effort into this post. It's so beautifully made! :)

  30. So cute! Great tutorial too :)

  31. wauw dit is ZO schattig :D
    leuk ook met dat filmpje ertussen!

  32. This is too cute! I love that your blog has a bit of everything! I miss having the time to do arts and crafts, i must make time c:

    à la foliee

  33. Ziet er gewoon te cute uit! Binnenkort ga ik het ook maar eens kopen en proberen :D


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