Feels like cold shower

Yes yes YES! I finally got them: one-toe sandals. Ever since
I saw them at Song of Style, I knew I had to buy these
babies: they are cute and nude in a tasteful way (lol). So
I found these pair at Nelly.com which also marks down my
first time ordering there. Something tells me that I'll be
wearing them alot this summer c:

Today I suppose to have an appointment at school at 10 AM.
For someone like me who loves good preparations: setting the 
two alarm clocks (yes 2), getting the right outfit ready and preparing
lunch. Then I was late. My preparation was good - it was the
oh so awesome public traffic (not) that delayed me. Ugh, how
embarrassing it would be to show up late = stressing out! The 
good news is I'd eventually arrive at my destination and so I 

And here comes the highlight: the person I was going to
meet up was sick and didn't showed up. I wish this person had
send me this message sooner because all the stressing are
doing no good. So I went back to the station to catch my
train going home. I decided to treat myself a little bit so I grabbed
a delicious take-away salad at the Hema.

I'm so sorry  that I have to show you my ugly toes, haha, will polish them with a nice color... 

I love salads really: pasta with walnut, lettuce and goatcheese with honey mosterd dressing! 

No its not the staircase to Mcdonald's. Just the metro.

I like walking around this Rotterdam Central trainstation. 

Another salad and don't worry I ate this chicken salad before I deciced to go semi-vegetarian! I haven't eaten any chicken this 2 weeks! Go me! 

My latest crochet work: red velvet cake. I've made a stop motion picture of it, can't wait to show it you guys! 

I'm Feeling: relaxed, good,
Music: KT Tunstall - Feel it all - I love her music, its country with abit melancholic sound. And did you know she is half Chinese? The MV is simple yet beautifully made!
Food: mango
Drink: tea


  1. awesome red velvet cake! En de salades zien er heerlijk uit! :)

    X, Jessy


  2. OMG!!! Don't you hate then that happens? You rush to get somewhere and then finds out it's been cancelled? I mean I sometimes think it is a relief by yes I agree, they should really send out a notice and I mean the electronic kind, not the kind where I find out when I get there! (I'm specifically talking about school and it takes me nearly 2hrs to get there ><) I really like that photo of the stairs to the Metro and kudos to you for no chicken for two weeks! Keep it up!

  3. I love the look of the sandals but I'd feel too naked wearing them myself haha. Two weeks would be a lifetime for me :o good for you!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  4. Amazing pics!! I really love salads as well. :)

  5. can't wait to see your stop motion!! i love those so much ;D
    haha mcdonalds. actually, i thought it was metro when i saw it. but didnt know metro existed over there too? or was called the same thing. logo looks similar here!

    - sarah -

  6. I love the shoes! The red velvet cake is adorable! I wish I can knit.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  7. I love the shoes! I got a pair two years ago at Urban outfitters! :D

  8. nice photos here :)


  9. i love one toe sandals! so comfy! that cake looks so cute too

  10. Haha! Stairway to McDonalds.. I wish :P
    I love the simple shoes!! I think if I bought a pair I'd abuse them too, so many things you can pair it up with!

  11. i love salad too :P
    amazing photos :)

    …。…。…。…。…。…。…。 …。…。…。…。…。

    christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

    thanks for the hype.

  12. I love salad too! :) Are those shoes comfy? looking very nice!

  13. owww :C that's too bad and kinda wasted your time >_< tsk.

    cute sandals btw ^^ and ooh my cute knit! *^* I wish I could learn how to do that~

  14. Die red velvet cake ziet er zooo gaaf uit!! :D Echt super leuk gedaan!

  15. so you also do crochet huh!
    and it seems nicely done I must say!
    you are such and artistic girl indeed

  16. love the bokeh and the sandals..!! :D

  17. OH LOVE THE SANDALS! I need to resist buying more footwear.....no, I can't :)
    I can't get over your knitting, red velvet cake too! Ahhhh, I can't handle it.

  18. The sandals are so cute!:) and the red cake is just perfect!:) Once I tried to crochet a scarf but it was a complete fail :D


  19. Sandals are so cute!

  20. Aww, that sucks :x Toch ergens wel een beetje geluk bij een ongeluk? :p

  21. yumms i love salads too! cute sandals! omgosh your red velvet crochet cake is adorable!

    haha well generally if i'm only traveling for a few days or a week. then yes i will put things into smaller containers.. but right now i'm traveling for a few MONTHS! yes months!!! haha so that's why i have to lug (or rather the hubby lugs) so much of my beauty products hahaha!

  22. such a lovely sandals girlie!!

  23. I like those sandals, they're stylish but not over the top ^^
    The crocheted red velvet cake is just darling! It looks nice and squishy :P

  24. Lovely photos, I love the cake crochet :)


  25. Gotta love salad!! That red velvet cake knit is brilliant!xx

  26. Crochet red velvet cake is so cute. Did you make your own pattern?

  27. I love this post and all your pics especially the one toe sandals. I always feel like my feel look so big in sandals like that but they look great on you and that's so annoying when you prep so much to be on time and then end up being late. :) You look great


  28. Such cool shoes :-D

  29. Awww, die red velvet cake is too cute! And ik denk dat ik die schoenen ook wil. TT__TT Lopen ze zoals je had gehoopt....goed? ;)

  30. Love your sandal shoes ! xx

  31. just stumbled on ur blog!
    your photograph just soooooo natural, love it!!
    keep it up


  32. It's always traffic that's always the cause of people being late despite preparing early.

    I like your "red velvet cake"! Too cute!

    with love, Cassandra xx

  33. Cute shoes & that salad looks so yummy! xoxo


  34. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    Haha, I've never seen these sandals before but they are so fun!

    Have a great day,

  35. Those shoes are really different and interesting! Great buy!

    Daisy Dayz

  36. Those sandals are so cute. I love how they are so open and free. Beautiful crochet cake btw. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

    Love, Moon
    blog | twitter

  37. omg the red velvet cake is absolutely adorable!

  38. I'm a fanatic of one toe sandal... I had once before and it was tottally worn out before I decided to toss it.
    Great pictures again and such a healthy food hou got there at the bottom.

    Visit me at fonyl.blogspot.com
    I love making friends.

  39. I just found your blog and it is LOVELY!
    I love those sandals.
    Following you =]


  40. The sandals are awesome! :) I want a pair like that as well :)
    I would be really pissed of if the person doesn't show up because he/she is ill, and didn't send a message x') I'm really strict when it comes with appointments x')
    But the salad you got looks very good. I probably would buy food as well :)


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