Lately I've discovered how well dried  
seaweed and prawn chips both taste like.
 So YUM. It's funny that
people 'love' eating prawn chips until they
found out what it's made of: prawns (Duh). 
Then suddenly they dislike them, lol. A friend 
of mine is one of them. Weird weird.

 my aunt from Hong Kong send me a package 
of yummy healthy snack: dried mango's! I
can eat the entire bag, trust me.

What is your most recent snacking at home/school/work?

 So I end up buying the book 'Life of Pi'. This is not because of the movie but because of a friend long time ago 
BEFORE the movie recommended me to read it. Indeed, I cover my books. 

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  1. I love eating snacks. I usually have a orange or a banana on my desk! :)

  2. What else would prawn snacks be made out, if not prawn? Haha, that's odd indeed. On a side note, your book wrappers are adorable!

  3. Haha what, why would you be put off eating prawn chips when you realise they're made of prawn? That's weird. I love that you cover your books, my uncovered ones always get so tatty haha.

  4. Dried mangoes? :D That sounds delicious. :D

  5. Beautiful pics. I love dried mangos too. I can´t find you among my followers on Bloglovin :)


  6. You have such a lovely blog!! Hope you visit mine!

  7. I like prawn chips, usually call them THE ASIAN chips, haha.

  8. love your photos! i checked out your portfolio as well. you're very talented :) be back soon.

  9. I love the plastic wrapping around the book with the bunnies on. Where is that from? It's so cute. ♥

    I heard Life of Pi is an amazing book and film! I really need to read it.


  10. well some snack sure seems like soul mates haha

  11. Wow is that book cover paper? Where'd you get it? I heard life of pi was a good read; I was not a big fan of the movie, especially how the ending was presented. I hope you enjoy and let me know how it is!

    d a n i e l l e |

  12. i LOVEEE dry mangos! i swear i can eat multiple bags in one sitting

  13. I've never ate dried seaweed on its own..maybe I should give it a try! xo

  14. i watched the life of pi movie. it was good. didn't read the book, but the movie was very VERY deep symbolically and spiritually. hope you're ready for some heavy thinking. i usually snack on takis, it's a mexican chip-like finger food.

    love, moon
    blog | twitter

  15. Life of Pi is an amazing book! The film doesn't do it justice, it's more like pretty images. haha
    And I love the book cover. :)
    So nice of your aunt to send you snacks as well! I want. haha

  16. That wrapping paper is so adorable! Also, I really like dried seaweed and prawn chips, but I've never tried them together. I'll have to have that! ^^

  17. love your pictures - and i love what you did to the first pic!

  18. your blog is so adorable!!
    my favorite snack is timtams from australia :)

    returning your visit and following you :D

  19. I've not had seaweed with prawn crackers together before, but i reckon it'll be pretty tasty!

  20. The first picture is pretty trippy. I was like WOAH that's scary (I seem to have a fear of a lot of circles/holes, sometimes).

    My mom read The Life of Pi! I want to start reading it, soon! Love dried mangoes too <3

  21. Ooh yum I love dried seaweed and dried mango! I really like snacking on cherry tomatoes and grapes. c:
    Aw your book wrapping is super adorable! I like wrapping my books too. I don't like them getting wrecked. ):

  22. Hi Mei,

    I love getting dried mangos. It's a great and addictive past time snack, lol. Right now I munch on a lot of oatmeal bars ^^.

  23. love the picture :D


  24. Oh my god I loveeee prawn chips or prawn crackers! I can munch on them all day. I don't think I've ever tried dried mangoes before but I love eating dried jackfruit chips!!

  25. I love dried apricots and bananas, yummy!


  26. cute pictures ❤
    eh whats wrong with prawn chips ?
    for me, i love everything that is sweet :D

  27. Wah~ I used to eat prawn chips a lot when I was younger, in fact I usually munched on asian snacks haha I remember there was a time when it was the "in" thing to eat raw instant noodles, no wonder my mom wouldn't let me eat it LOL I remember getting so mad at her too =P

    Hmmm I haven't been munching on anything much lately but I'm going to start drinking and eating milk/yogurt more. Oh I've been having a cup of milk tea everyday made by moi~

    Hope you're doing well Mei!

    P.S Covering your book covers is such a great idea! I did that in highschool but never applied that to my own books but then again I'm super rough with my stuff ><

  28. I heard the book is really good. I have not seen the movie yet either.


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