Peek Into My Life 25

I love my 2nd semester schedule: thursday & friday no
school which means long weekend! I haven't had that in
a while..

My boss decided not to extend my contract
My ending day will be somewhere March. Bummer!
I guess now I can focus better on school, thé project & art.

Jelly Beans coated with chocolate, or not anymore? EDIT: yep I've licked the chocolate off.

 This is 'dried tangerine peel' tea. Very healthy!

  Impulsive purchase at H&M...

 My friend B. showed off his brandnew car (granted by his daddy). I wasn't even allowed to eat in his car! Ridiculous.

A friend of mine recommend me to visit 'Lebkov & Sons' cafe. Good thing is that it's super near the train station and they
offer free wi-fi. I have ordered the latte macchiato & raspberry white chocolate muffin. Very delicious & friendly service!
ADDRESS: Stationsplein 50, Rotterdam HOLLAND
Food: ♥♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥
Interior: ♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥


  1. Amazing post. You have such a fantastic blog. It would be great if we could follow each other.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Did you lick the chocolate clean off the jelly beans and snap a picture? It reminds me of those strawberry and grape chocolate coated gummy from Meiji. I love biting the chocolate off the gummi first before biting the gummi.

  3. verry cute photos :D
    and you're pretty ❤
    uwah super envy with that class schedule :(
    that latte looks super yummy :9

  4. aawh, stom dat je contract niet verleend is zeg :o. Oe, jelly beans dat heb ik al zo lang niet meer gegeten.

  5. nice pics!!!

  6. Leuke post en mooie foto's. Ik ben benieuwd naar Lebkov & Sons!

    gr. Gitte

    Doe je al mee om kans te maken op deze goodiebag t.w.v. 375 euro omdat we 2 jaar online zijn? ˆ_ˆ

  7. Finally!!!! Mei's pretty face with the short hair =) you look so sweet and fresh! I can't believe you have thursdays and fridays off!! that's so unfair!!! What is the interesting food (?) you made a gif with? I've never seen something similar before.. looks a little like tea? I'm curious! lovely pictures all around :)

  8. Leuke foto's! You look great with the short hair :3 Are you getting used to it?
    Jammer van je contract, al enig idee waar je nu zou willen werken? Succes!

  9. So lovely pics, dear! It`s really adorable!!!



  10. I like your sweater & gloomy socks! :O

  11. Throughout this entire post all I could think about was.....the jellybeans with their chocolate coating licked off and how naked they were and how covered in saliva they were and yeah....LOL

    P.S That cat means serious business, you can tell with that focused look.

    re: Thanks so much for answering my questions about your photos! They always look so so so lovely!

  12. I always say this, but these are amazing photos. ;u; <3

  13. You got something from the MMMXH&M collaboration? You have no idea how jealous I am! Oh my, you're so lucky!

  14. Woah I didn't know they had chocolate covered jellybeans but ooo sounds yummy!

  15. love the shots! and ur sweater is too cuteee! :)

  16. Wow what brand is that car? I've never seen that logo before. LOVEEEE your sweater! I love deconstructing sweets when I eat them too haha (especially ferrero rochers- i can't not eat them in layers)

  17. im so so so in love with your deer sweater!! so lovely and looks so warm!! anw what did you buy from h&m?

  18. Why did he not extend your contract :(


    When i flunked my subject the second time, i said that to myself. I will focus on learnin guitar...instead i got a job :(

  19. yum yum those looks really scrumptious,
    most especially that jelly beans and coffee

    i love that cat shot you might even add a caption with that

  20. that dried tangerine tea looks yummy, is it delicious? i've never tried it before, in fact this is the first time i saw this unique kind of tea. love your printed sweater, it's so cute and looks comfy

  21. good for you, you get long weekends in your 2nd semester :) I'm so jelly XD meanwhile for me, I have no break LOL~ awesome photos and your drawing is so cute <3

  22. One of my favorite things is coffee and tea. Needless to say, the tangerine tea and latte art look delicious! Looking cute with the knit hat Mei! ^_^ lol i can relate..sometimes a girl's just gotta do some impulsive shopping ya know what i mean? hahah

    Joyce @

  23. Leuke post!
    bedankt voor de leuke ractie op mijn blog!

  24. I love these shots! They're so nice.

  25. So so cute pics,lovely!!!
    Love them!
    Have a great start of week
    If sometimes you can not resist the temptation to eat some sweets, take a look at my latest post :)
    Fashion tea at 5

  26. Lol, boys and their cars :)
    The tangerine peel tea looks lovely!

  27. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  28. No Thurs and Fri class? Sweeet. I remember for one quarter, I only had Monday and Wednesday classes :D It was great! But then I spent all my off days working D: The dried tangerine peel looks delicious! I want to try it :) Did you eat the jelly beans after licking all the chocolates off afterwards? lol


  29. Congrats on the long weekend! :D

  30. These are such cute photos! I'm glad to hear you have long weekends, oh how I wish I had long weekends as well :)

  31. Really beautiful and lovely pictures!


  32. Such a fun post! yum!!

  33. All these photos are so cute! YOur sweater is adorable!

  34. Great about the long weekends! I remember at uni I would have Friday and Monday off so the weekend would be amazing, well until work had taken up the weekend that is!

    Your reindeer jumper is snazzy!

  35. Aah those sweaters! I was going to buy the same thing!


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