DIY: Assorted donut ring

I am very happy to share this
easy DIY with you: assorted donut ring made
out of Fimo/Polymer clay!

 A larger picture can be found at my Pinterest.

What do you need
* Fimo classic 'champagne' + any desired color for the icing/sprinkles
* TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey)  
* Fimo gloss
* Embossing tool pen
* Blank ring

The steps
1. With the champagne color, make small balls.
2. With the embossing pen, press in the center of the ball to create a hole. 
3. (optional) French Cruller: diagonal press lightly with a toothpick
4. Making icing: squeeze a bit of TLS and mix it with the color of desire until
it's creamy but not runny. Devide this paste on the donuts. Add sprinkles
5. Squeeze a bit TLS on the blank ring. This is clue. Add the donuts on top! 
6. Bake the ring in the oven at 30 min. 110C degrees. Let it cool down.
7. Polish the ring with Fimo gloss and you are done! Good luck. 


  1. so this was it how cute i must say you made it pretty well i have made one barbarian doughnut cellphone charm before but yours was kinda pro like

  2. Gorgeous! thanks for the awesome share! You are so patient with your work! hehe


  3. Niiiiice~~~
    But still, I can't do that.
    I need to scavenge for the materials.

    [Whoa~ MEcoy is all over the web. LOL!]

  4. ik vind ze echt zo schattig eruit zien!♥ Waar koop je al die dingen eigenlijk?

  5. Beautiful!!♥ I will do this one time!
    The Misty Mom

  6. You're so creative. I'd like to try it too, just can't find the maerials :)
    Btw, Breaking Dawn is a must watch in my opinion :)

    Have a nice day <3
    La Petite Chateau

  7. I use to love playing around with fimo/polymer clay and creating food minatures with it. This made me want to do it again. SO cute!

  8. OMG!!!you are an artist!!!its so original!love it!kisses!

  9. The ring is adorable and your so handy with this stuff! Mines would turn out looking weird T_T I'm not great with making art but I do admire it =3 You're close up shots are so sharp , do you have a macro lens?

    re: I agree, fruit and chocolate do go together! Fondue is yummy but it gets a bit heavy after a while and too sweet/boring for me LOL!!!

  10. Wat een ontzettend leuk en orgineel idee! Heel mooi gemaakt!!!

  11. aahw ze zien er zo echt uit! yummyY! xx

  12. omg thats a superior work!

  13. That's just so cuteee <3
    Thanks for sharing :)

  14. This is SUCH a cute diy! hehe the donuts without frosting and sprinkles look like cheerios :D

  15. You make everything look so effortless. I'm always amazed at what you're able to draw and make!

  16. really adorable !
    i wish i could do
    something like this .

  17. That is freakin amazing that you made it yourself! I'd probably order mine! Great job!

  18. SO CUTEE! hahaha too bad i don't have any of the materials! :(

  19. OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE THIS! Looks so pro, Mei! Looks really edible :p

  20. Omgsh, this is so freaking adorable!! :D
    I've never seen anything like this from all the blogs I've visited - props!

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    Trendy Teal

  21. Ahh this ring is really cute and pretty and... yummy? haha^^ XD
    you are super talented dear! :)

    re: and thank you so much, I tried hard (especially with those lines) and i'm glad that you like it :3

  22. so cuuuteee :)

  23. wow your DIY rings is very cute! good enough to be in a store for sure! :) I wish I was crafty in that sense. Btw I like that gold plated necklace in the back! You should do a haul on your november purchases as well :)

    If you ever spot Macadamia nut oil in your city, be sure to pick it up! you won't regret it.

    Thanks for the comment as well! Just followed you.

    x Grace

  24. thanks for you sweet comment on my blog :)
    wow what a cute tutorial , so creative !

    im your new follower , mind to follow back ?

  25. ohh so cute!! I didn't expect it is a DIY. those yummy donuts,I want them!! thanks for sharing <3

  26. you are so crafty and creative mei! thanks so much for sharing this! it's really cute!

    alex @

  27. awwwww its sooo cute i cant handle it! :P loveeeeeeeeee this diy :D

  28. wow you are so creative.

  29. yay the doughnut ring tutorial from before!

  30. I like it !nice ring! Lovely blog
    would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and gfc? tell me if you want :)


    fashion blog

  31. This is way too cute!
    You did such a good job with the mini donuts :D

  32. You are so talented! It looks so unique and cute. You should look into making a profit on etsy.

    d a n i e l l e |

  33. you gotta be kidding me! this is the most creative diy i've ever seen. what a great idea.
    and if you're wondering, my favorite donut is by far the krispy kreme :)

  34. wow, super cute and creative!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  35. ah nice! Dit wil ik zeker proberen :D en dan zeg k natuurlijk dat ik dit van Mei heb geleerd!^^ Thanks for sharing xx

  36. wow great job looks nice! maybe we follow each other!? Let me know ! ;)

  37. oh wow that is SO cool. I didn't know that's how they make those type of little figurines, awesome! thanks for sharing :D

  38. Ooh it's adorable! I'd love to try this one of these days - I just hope I have the patience to do it though! x

  39. it looks incredibly delicious and not as hard to make as i thought! thanks for sharing your art. (:
    love, xfallenmon

  40. You're so kreativ !! looks very lovely :)


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