Participate My Giveaway [CLOSED]

Because I love you people.
This gift is UNISEX. I've tried my best to find a gift that is suitable for girls & boys. I hope you dudes are happy because I know that many of you
are complaining about girly presents. 

The gift is a cute nerdi glasses necklace by the worldwide brand Claire's.

I've bought 2, one for me & one for you.
We'll be like twins!
1. It's open for all countries. 
2. It's open for all ages.  

1. Follow me with GFC (Google Friend Connector) or Bloglovin' Follow Ice Pandora ❤ or both.
2. Leave comment why you want to win it + email adress

End date:
April 19th 2011 Winner Announced

See, it looks  cute  manly on guys :D Please all hype Aivan M. at!

 Thank you ^__^
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Food: chicken sandwich
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  1. so cutee!

    and I'm following!
    and haha, a lot of people say I look look like someone they know!

  2. that is such a cute necklace! so thoughtful of you to think of the boys when preparing for this giveaway!

    I would love to win this necklace cuz i heart nerdy glasses as i am a nerd at heart!

    Michelle Lim

  3. Heel cute die laatste fotos van jou ^^!

    Maar ik pass deze giveaway, omdat ik em niet zoveel zou dragen dus gun ik het liever iemand anders :)

  4. Oooooh ~
    I'm following you on bloglovin Mei!

    It would be awesome to win this necklace, as I ordered a similar one on eBay and the seller failed to send it my way >:{
    AND! I would like to take cute photos with it the way you did lololol ♥

    Good luck to everyone entering!


    I wanna win because I've always wanted one of these necklaces but never found one! OMG they're like so adorable!

    Btw I follow your lovely blog through bloglovin :)

  6. I want to win so I can be Mei's twin ): Since my name is also Mei and we can be twins with the glasses ;A;

    melludee[at] ;A;

  7. awh love that necklace ;)



  8. super cute:) glasses as a necklace.. how creative.

  9. It's such a pretty thingie! I'm following via BlogLovin'.

  10. So cute! Good luck for everyone who's entering the giveaway! ^^

    Lekker weertje vandaag! ;D

  11. Very cute necklace~

    I'd like to win it because it's cute (like I said before :P) and I've never been able to find one like that anywhere ;_; And plus, then we can be twins because I've adored you for forever ^^

  12. Love your blog. you're beautiful!

  13. Great giveaway! I'd want to win this necklace because I only have fancy love necklaces, nothing to wear with a casual outfit, ya know? ^_^

  14. "We'll be like twins" - lol you're so cute Mei!

    Following under GFC - Rinny
    Email: eva_s_151[at]yahoo[dot]com
    I want to win because I was always considered the nerdy Asian girl when I was growing up. I've changed a lot in my personal appearance and style since then but I'll always see myself as a bit of a nerd :P

  15. Oh MY! Such an awesome necklace! And what a great giveaway that both boys and girls wear! xoxoxoo

  16. cute~~
    thanks for dropping my blog:)

  17. Hmmm I would like to win so that I can have glasses around 24/7 just in case one of my contacts pop out!!! hehe. . . . >.<

    followed through google!!!

    hope your mood is better!!

  18. Just followed on GFC! I would like to win it cause I haven't got anything like that! xo

  19. Oops forgot to tell you my e-mail..

  20. omg, this are way too cute! following on both! i don't want these....i need them :) they are just awesome


  21. Thanks dear to comment on my blog!
    and inform me about this give away.
    It's wanderful!! I want it!!!
    I follow you :)

    my e-mail:

    ahahahha he must bring all my bags of shopping. Poor thing XD

  22. oh wow! What a gorgeous piece! Following you on GFC :)

    I would squidge up my nose and keep these balanced in front of my eyes like a big monocle. All the time.

    Suzanne xx

  23. FUN FUN!!!

    thanks for visiting my blog! =) how cute are you! lol

    Teigs x

  24. Of course I would love to! ^^

    I really like to win because I have seen those in quite some time now but unfortunately I always hold back cos I think I'd rather spend my money on food/clothes. ;o; Plus, I would love to experience winning in a giveaway (I never won a single giveaway! ;n;) Teehee...

    Have a great day Mei! =^_^=

  25. i love that song too
    one of my fav these days
    please check out my music too if you get a chance :) will mean a lot to me

    I'm follower at your GFC
    I would like to win since today is my birthday and I can't live without sunglasses! for sure you'll know if you are one of my readers

  26. great giveaway! I am your follower and hope you follow me back too!

    I want to win because I am a real nerd! haha


  27. Such a cute picture of youuu!! :)

  28. Awesome! I followed you on both! GFC: Elaine

    What a cute necklace. I'd love to win it because it's unique and I can pair those with my nerdy glasses, and my Hello Kitty shirt with Hello Kitty wearing glasses! I'm a fan of these glasses! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  29. Oooh awesome giveaway. Love that someone out there will be your necklace twin. Cute!

    Also, THANK YOU for being my 500th follower, you're amazing :):)

  30. YAY! What a fantastic prize!
    Just testing my luck. ^___~


  31. I love your new haircut! It's very pretty on you. :)

  32. This is so cute!!!!!! :) I love the nerdy glasses so much! I am a follower, and my email is

  33. that's just soooo cute!!!! :3

    i want to win it because it's such an interesting and unique necklace and i bet we can really be twins when i do an OOTD wearing an outfit like the one you have on your pictures. x)

    following via gfc & bloglovin' as sugar sugar.

    thanks for having this giveaway mei! ^^

  34. so cute!! im following on bloglovin :)

  35. cute ^_^ I wanna b twins with u!! enter me please xD

  36. aw thanks lovely for visiting my blog! :) i'm now following yours :), if you'd like, you can follow mine too :). and wow i love those glasses so chic!
    here's my entry! :)
    name: kathleen
    following you on GFC.
    and reason why i want to win it: it's such a pretty quirky piece of jewelry to add to my outfits, beautiful statement piece ;).

    <3, Kathleen.

  37. love it, so perfect

  38. ;__; the necklace is so cute~ i want to win because i want to look cute and manly like that guy on the picture (i'm not that cool though xD)~ i liked the girly presents but this is super awesome too. also i love you and you're an awesome friend. <33
    if i don't win, i will go to claire's and find this necklace so i can be a twin anyway. >_>

    i followed you on bloglovin thing even though i don't really know how it works.

  39. always wanted this suspension, just not yet found)

  40. Omo, I would love to win that necklace, it's absolutely adorable!

  41. I'm already following your blog! ♥ I want to win in this giveaway because I have a collection of nerdy stuff >< (nerd shirts, a pair of nerd couple on a T-shirt from hh-candy ♥ etc) I originally had a pair of nerd glasses but it was waaaay too big on my face >< ++ The NECKLACE IS WAY CUTE ♥

  42. Following on bloglovin'

    I would LOVE to win this necklace so much!
    Mostly because I'm a pretty nerdy girl :P
    Not kidding. At all.

    Anywho, thanks a bunch for putting up a giveaway!


  43. Heeyyy.. such a lovely necklace! I want it because I have the glasses, and it would be so cute to pair the two(:

    Dreamy Princess

  44. :D i love it :3

    I would love it becuase thne I can be a 6 eyes in addition with my normal glasses :3 and i tink its would cute to coordinate :p

  45. I would like to win this necklace because it looks so cute!

    I followed you on GFC~ =)


  46. I made a DIY tutorial for this earlier last month! I'd love to win this necklace anyway because a lot more legitimate than mine (lol)

    Name: Julie Nguyen

    Good luck to everyone ^_^

  47. I want to win because:
    1. I love nerds;
    2. I have got similar glasses, so I'll look cool with that necklace on.
    3. I'm Italian (random reasons, right? haha)
    4. Everyone between my friends can wear them and say "hey! I look like you now!" hahah.


  48. Hello,
    I've been following you and it would be cool to win this because I just got a new prescription for my glasses put I still need to find certain frames for the lens.

  49. oh my email is sarahbusinezz[at]

  50. I've followed you on bloglovin and google friend connector :)

    Well, I would like to win this necklace because love that necklace. It's hard to find like that necklace in Indonesia. I've been search it for more than 2 years. It's hard to get.

    Long time ago, I wanted to make a nerdy style with a nerd glasses on it. But, it was failed because I've never found like that cute necklace.

    -Aya Lovalley

    I've followed you through bloglovin' and google friend connector.

    I would love to win this necklace because it's hard to get it on my country. I've been searched it for more than 2 years. I would love to win this necklace for completing my style. I love nerdy style. And I should deserve it because I adore Mei so much :)

  52. Yay! This is really cute!
    Im following you!
    Wanna have same necklace as you, so we´ll be twins ^___^ ♥
    My mail:

  53. Omg! I followed you with bloglovin :)
    Yak Man

  54. I forgot. My email is

  55. so cute! I'm following you now :)
    I want to win it because it's unisex so I can borrow it to my boyfriend too LOL XD

    ribkavanessa at gmail dot com

  56. Hey, this is a cute necklace!
    I am following you!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  57. I would love to win this necklace because it's so simple but so amazingly cute :3 Would it be a fashion crime if I wear the necklace and nerd glasses? hehe.

  58. cool i didnt know there was a claire's in netherlands...:) i love claires but never bought anything
    im a follower ^^
    i love all your outfits~distinct style ^^

  59. Oooh, finally a unisex giveaway! Usually everything's for girls, so thank you! And I'd definitely want to be like twins with you haha! It's a great necklace too. :)

    my email's aake94[@] and remember to remove the [ and ] signs, i'm trying to avoid spam :D

  60. I would love to win this necklace, because I find it super cute and I need to have a necklace like that in my collection. *-*

    Follow with GFC as Mizuki/Bárbara Robalo

  61. this necklace is so adorable, i would wear it all the time! enter me please, my email is TKL225 at gmail dot com, thanks!

  62. Cute :) Me likey :3
    I am following you via GFC :3

    I love to win this necklace because I have been eyeing on it for a year now. It's super hard to find a necklace like that at our country..And I really want one :3

    Good Luck to all who are joining :)

    here's mt email <3

  63. Thank you for your comment :) I'm gonna take more and more pictures of street art especially for you :)
    I'm already following you ^^

    Why I want to win this nerdy necklace?

    Because, I'm living like a nerd, I'm always in front of my computer looking stupid stuff & videos on the internet xD
    And because a nerdy girl needs to be cute to find a nerdy Boyfriend x)


    Saou Tanaka

  64. GFC:

    I would love to win because the necklace is so fantastic and versatile, I could pair it with so many of my outfits :)

  65. I would love to win this necklace because from some time I want to buy one, but in the shops in my city I couldn't find a necklace with glasses. I bought something like this online but unfortunately it never came. So, it will be amazing for me to win it. Also, if I win it I would love to take cute outfit photos with it, post them on my blog and tell my followers that I win it at your giveaway, giving them the link to your blog.

    My e-mail adress is



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