Food miniature tutorial: Macarons

 As promised: a tutorial! Good luck & have fun. 

Ingredients & tools
 - Oven
- Fimo or Polymere or Scupley clay
- 1/4 measure spoon
- A bowl of water
- Needle or toothpick
- A knife
- A lid
- Hook pin

Start here!  
Read from left to right. Please fullview the image!  

I'm Feeling: Sad
Music: Thelma Aoyama feat. Taeyang - Fall in Love I love Thelma's hair in this clip!
Food: Cherry yogurt
Drink: Milo chocolate milk


  1. Thank you for your tutorials
    love it
    more tutorials please

  2. Great tutorial!!!

  3. wow! That's a lot of work! O_o

    Wel knap hoor, ziet er echt gaaf uit! Dacht van die vorige ook eerst dat ze echt waren, tot ik de haakjes zag! XD

  4. awesome! really like this tutorial ^^ <3

  5. cute tutorial I hope ur not feeling sad anymore

    the macaroon is so yummy looking :)

  6. I want to try this so bad now! XD I really do!

    Screw exams, I'm going to be making macarons instead ! Hahaha. Well, I'll make them after exams at least <3

  8. Thank you for posting the tutorial!! You are so talented!! It's super cute!! Love it!! :)

    Love Nana

  9. You're really good. :D
    I love your crafts and fashion style!

    Really nice tutorial!

  10. im glad ur feeling better and tehe thanks im glad u like my skirts :)

  11. Leuk he! Ik vind het echt grappig zo'n ding, lijkt me alleen niet altijd praktisch, zo'n usb zit waarschijnlijk alleen maar in de weg?

    Trouwens, ik las dat je dots leuk vond in je lookbook, er komt zaterdag een post nog met mijn polka dot fabric.. Misschien dat je het leuk vind.. Misschien ook niet. (Het lijkt eigenlijk best wel op een bassie & Adriaan idee.) Als je niet snap wat ik bedoel, kijk zaterdag 8u maar even XDDD

  12. What an awesome tutorial. Cool to see how you made the "feet."

  13. omg u can made clay ?? T____T soo talented.. !! clay is sooo cute.. i want to learn it too one day ! good job.. can u make a bunny clay ?? :>

  14. Love this ! Since the time i eat macarons in rome, i am so in love with macarons. It is adorably cute :)

    Also, you are so creative here..

    Love, L

  15. WOW this is the first tutorial that isnt like makeup/ hair related that ive seen and i LOVE it.. sooo cute i wana eat it haha x

  16. Thankyou!
    I added a link to your tutorial on all about deco (

  17. Ahh! i'm so excited, i'm going to bookmark this and try it myself c:

  18. Do you use the same oven for baking food?
    Love your tutorials! :)


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