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Ice Pandora is my online lifestyle diary about food, DIY, health, and travel that comes in text and photographs created by Mei (梅美貞 ) who is by the way already in her ¼ life of age. 
I'm a full blood Chinese born and raised in The Netherlands which makes me a Chinese-Dutchie!
This Chinese-Dutchie loves to be on the move, usually with food and camera in her hand or a passport with headphones, yarn, and glue gun or a bowl of gluten-free dough batter. Yum? Yes very! All this passion sum up makes the name 'Ice Pandora' a good fit for this online diary: a cozy digital space with a mix of personal style and creativity and pursuing dreams.    

Some Mei facts
*           Did you know her English name is Jade which she barely uses?
*       She is a part of a tripling and has 2 other brothers but they don’t look alike though!
*           Mei is somewhere between 5’5 and 5’6 feet (1.70 m) tall.
*           She speaks Dutch, Cantonese, and English fluently. Would love to learn: French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. 
*         Her mum passed away in ’11 and she misses her a lot. Especially her talking and homemade food. Her dad passed away in '21. She misses his silly talks and his look on life: simple but fine. 
*           Speaking of food, Mei is a pescatarian too.
*           Dairy products are the reason she can’t become vegan.
*     When she was younger she wished to have blonde hair like anime character Sailormoon, because Sailormoon was her childhood heroine. Nowadays she still is blondless but has black hair with a small bundle of (natural) grey hair.
*           She has bad eyesight and wears contacts by day and glasses by night.


blog info
• 2010: blog born! 
most used fonts: courier new
• time spend on a blog post: between 1 to 4 hours. Or all day long

• all Dutch translation is done by myself manually • yes, most photos are edited by Photoshop

• my camera: Olympus E-M5 II
• my lenses:
  12-50 mm lens

  20 mm lens
• my phone: Samsung Galaxy s8


Audreythe breath of student life
Brithe art inspire
Carmen: the yarn master
Cindythe hearted life
Chungah: the simple cookery
Damaristhe cat lover
Janethe wanderlust
Jennifer: the basic
Jessy: the foodie traveler (NL)
Kati: the green stylist
Lenneke: the power of words (NL)
Louisethe Japanese source
Mani: the traveler
Margaret: the fashion writer
Maureenthe hotspot seeker
Merel: the green life (NL)
Michellethe writer
Mihothe food source
Natalie: the traveler
Rae: the home and living
Rooth: the author
Sonia: the Asian housewife chef
Stephanie: the world seeing
Tiffanythe foodie
Yak Man: the Dutch presenter in China
Zoë: the beauty source (NL)

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