The front yard of National Museum Barcelona


What is the best place to watch over Barcelona? The National Museum of Barcelona of course! Well ok, maybe there is a better place to see the city in one sight but I sure had a nice view over Barcelona in hot Spain weather at the National Museum.

The National Museum of Barcelona or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is an art museum which sadly me and my family didn’t go inside but we did strolled around and enjoyed their grand front yard!

A well groomed yard or a park is something I can really appreciate and the National Museum of Barcelona sure has one. Lets take a look!

Wat is de beste plek om over Barcelona te waken? Het Nationaal Museum van Barcelona natuurlijk! Althans dat vind ik, want misschien is er een betere plek om de stad in een overzicht te bewonderen, maar ik had zeker een mooi uitzicht over Barcelona in het hete Spanje weer vanuit het Nationaal Museum.

Het Nationaal Museum van Barcelona ofwel Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is een kunstmuseum waar we helaas niet binnen zijn geweest, we hebben wel fijn rond gelopen door de grote voortuin!

Want een goed verzorgde tuin of een park is mijn waardering waard en het Nationaal Museum heeft het zeker. Kijk maar hieronder.

nutritious morning

After breakfast we went to check out The National Museum of Barcelona which was just a few steps away from our hotel. A building not hard to miss either so it was pretty obvious were going to check it out!

 This here is the national art museum of Barcelona. We didn't go inside and I regret it!! :c

A well groomed yard or a park is always nice.


The walk from the front yard to the museum gate is spacious. You can either get there by walking the stairs or the escalators. We did both.



  1. What a gorgeous museum. That view is definitely incredible!

  2. Aww, I think those are also my favorite Barcelona views too :) You can also see them from Tibidabo (a mountain on the opposite side) but I love the Museum surroundings! I like your pictures Mei <3 it feels like you are actually climbing virtually with you up there. The museum has some gorgeous art, my favorite being the Art Nouveau gallery ;) so maybe next time? You definitely must visit again!

  3. Imagine if we lived there and exercised up and down those stairs every day! We would be so fit :)

  4. Seeeing these pictures make me miss Barcelona even more!! omggggg~ Park guell, La Rambla and the fruits market which I couldn't recall of, amazing :)

    Real Life Nerd //

  5. ah the sights are beautiful!

  6. That breakfast looks so yummy!
    The sky of Barcelona is fantastic♡



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