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Nothing is more fun than personalizing your own blog and profile with your favourite wallpaper, colors and all the ‘must have’ widgets. And this goes the same with my phone because, well, my phone nowadays is constantly by my side and a pretty welcome sign on your screen is nice right?

I don’t like using the already-installed wallpaper inside my phone (they are so standard), therefore I’ve been designing a few wallpapers of my own. If you guys have been following my Instagram, I have shown some behindthescene processes of it!

So here you go, free wallpapers for everyone! You can simply right-click and ‘copy image url’ and/or ‘save as’ them into your own server. Don’t like the color? Feel free to change it. If you have problems or questions, feel free to leave a note!

Niets is leuker dan je profiel en blog op te leuken met je favoriete achtergronden, kleurtjes en de onmisbare ‘widgets’. Dit geldt ook voor mijn telefoon die ik niet zonder meer kan. Ja, het is echt een onderdeel van mijn leven geworden en dus is het vanzelfsprekend dat je je telefoon je eigen maakt, toch?

Om eerlijk te zijn ben ik niet zo,n fan van de vooraf geïnstalleerde achtergronden die al in de telefoon zit (want die zijn zo standaard). Ik heb daarom mijn eigen achtergronden ontworpen met Photoshop CS6. Het proces kon je op Instagram terugzien!

Dus alstublieft, gratis achtergrondjes voor jullie! Hoe te saven? Gewoon rechtsklik en copy image url en/of ‘save as’ in je eigen document. Valt de kleur niet in jouw smaak? Geen probleem, dat mag je van mij veranderen. Ik hoor wel van je als je vragen hebt!

 For your website 


body {
background-image:url(‘INSERT URL LINK HERE');

 For your phone (click to enlarge) 
'ice' 'heat'

'hot pink' 'on mission' 

'cloud nine' 'blue Tuesday' 


♦ The wallpapers are created and copyrighted by Mei - Ice Pandora.
♦ For personal and non-commercial use only. 
♦ Please do not resale or redistribution. 
♦ Credit & linking back to original post is appreciated, thank you!


  1. Cool! :D You are so talented ^^ Vooral de pastelkleurtjes zijn mooi~ xx

  2. OH WOW. I wish I could do that. They look absolutely amazing. I need a new wallpaper anyway, so I'm going to set one immediately! :)

  3. Aw this is so sweet! I just got my iPhone and I barely know how to use it... I clearly havne't changed wallpapers or anything but this comes very handy x

  4. These look amazing! Good job Mei! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. Fancy! I never liked most phone backgrounds either, but one of the Nexus 5 ones is pretty nice. It's the one that's purpley with the mountains and stuff. Nevertheless, I did end up changing the stock background into something else :P

    xx becky /

  6. These are lovely! You're such a creative one, Mei! I'm currently using a rotation of pastel hued landscapes/nature/skyscapes as my wallpaper. (:

  7. very pretty! I love the blue color especially. xx

    I would love it if you would also check out my blog:

  8. LOVE that abstract diamond pattern you've designed there. I'm in the jewelry industry and these look amazing! You've got talent -- thanks for sharing. =)

    ♥, JO |
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  9. Wow, they're amazing! Great job :D

  10. I love the geometric pattern, I'm terrible with creating repeating patterns... they always awkwardly line up. I love the gradient and colour variety. And I didn't realise I didn't follow you on instagram yet. Your doodles look amazing, and shaded beautifully (why haven't you shared a scan of them yet?)

  11. Thanks a lot for the wallpapers, Mei!! They are gorgeous!!! I downloaded them all to try every one of them (I think I'm just greedy). So far the 'ice' and 'nightmare' work the best for my phone. The oversize wallpaper is great that I can swap it left and right for a darker or lighter color! :)

  12. You are so talented ! That's great !

  13. Aw thanks Mei! Ze zijn echt nice, vind die voor je foon zijn best wel profi!!

  14. heee ik heb ook wallpapers op de wachtlijst staan van mijn blog :p
    Hele leuke. Jammer dat ik nog steeds geen mobiel heb, maar ik ga het zeker gebruiken!

  15. Aww you're so talented & creative! <3

    Jennie xo |

  16. Trouwens! Werkt jouw mobiel goed? Ik ben op zoek naar een betaalbare smartphone :)

  17. wow! great stuff! love how you came up with the geometric shapes!

  18. those are really cute.

  19. Ooh that is so cool! The final product looks great, you have talent
    - Che

  20. Wow!! These are all really nice! You have a true talent ! I have been looking for a new background for my blog so I might give these a try ! Thank you!

  21. omg, dat is dus echt heel erg gaaf gedaan! n_n Die driehoekjes zijn zo leuk zeg :O!

  22. So pretty! I love the pastel colorways!!

  23. These are so cool! You're very talented!
    Instagram @abigailalicex

  24. They are great! Love the geometric patterns. I've got my first smartphone ever this summer and as soon as it was in my hands I started searching for a more personalized background. Never had the idea of creating my own, good thought!

  25. Jippie, ik heb er eentje gebruikt als achtergrond voor m'n blog. Zo mooi <3

  26. Wow! I am in awe, just thinking that something so beautiful was created in such easy steps. I've seen wallpapers with the similar style before, but I never knew that they could be made by even the least tech savvy person in the world. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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