HOTSPOT 20 'Van der Valk': High Tea


Who loves high tea? Me, me!
In my circle of (female) friends, high tea is a highly appreciated activity to do, but lets be honest have you ever seen 2 men having high tea together? I don’t think so. Maybe in a BF/GF situation but that’s it.

Me and my bestie had high tea at a Hotel ‘Van der Valk’. They cope with free refillable tea/coffee and you’ll receive a tower of sweet plates and savory plates of canapés. As my bestie and I are quite foodies we thought we could devour these 2 petit towers in no time. But we end up defeated ha. 

As food matter, I'm like 99,9% sure that some of the food are not homemade. How do I know? Well, the cakes looks like the one from grocery stores and the brownies obvious came straight out of the fridge and tasted really dry. 

Scroll down and check it out!

High tea! Dat vind ik zo leuk. Net als vele van mijn vriendinnen is high tea een gezellige activiteit. Maar wees nou eerlijk heb je weleens 2 mannen gezien aan de high tea? I don’t think so. Hooguit in een BF/GF situatie. Raar is het eigenlijk hè?

Maar goed.
Ik en mijn bestie gingen aan de high tea bij Hotel ‘Van der Valk’. De thee/koffie zijn gratis hervulbaar en je krijgt 2 torentjes van zoete en hartige hapjes erbij. Mijn bestie en ik zijn ‘vrij’ grote eters (fatties) en we dachten dat we die 2 luttele torrentjes in een mum van tijd op kunnen. Nou, niet dus. We zaten ontzettend vol op het eind! 

Wat het eten betreft, het gaat. Ik denk dat ik voor 99,9% overtuigd ben dat het eten niet huisgemaakt zijn (jammer). De cakejes lijken verdacht veel op die van de supermarkt en de brownies komen overduidelijk net uit de koelkast en kurkdroog. 

Kijk snel beneden wat we allemaal naar binnen hebben gepropt!  

Its funny, I'm more a sweettooth while my friend is a savorytooth. What kind of tooth are you? 

A disappointing fact that they didn't gave us cutlery as I had to ask a waitress later on (I'm not gonna dip my scones). Another disappointment is that they served whipped cream instead clotted cream. I mean scones and clotted cream belong togetherrr. 

I don't like these Lipton tea. They taste quite chemical I think. 

We got suggested to eat this quiche first while its still hot. It tasted really nice and reminded me of 'erwtensoep'. 

A ray of sunset shining through! That was lovely c: 

ADDRESS: Hotel 'Goes' Anthony Fokkerstraat 100 - The Netherlands
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥ 2/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  3/5


  1. This time the sweet things are not that attractive to me...well, a taste like straight from the fridge?!...what else to say... °(>3<)° - but the salmon and carpaccio mini wraps look really delicious (^_^)!

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  2. Mannen gaan liever lekker paint ballen, een vliegtuig kapen GTA V-style etc. haha
    Alles ziet er verrukkelijk uit! Kom een keer naar de Corazon in Amersfoort (A)

  3. Oh wow, I'm a big fan of afternoon tea, so this post was perfect for me!

    Everything looks so delicious.

    Hmm maybe...

  4. The foods look so yummy that they make me hungry! (It's midnight here). :)

  5. Ohh everything looks so good! I love miniature cakes <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. oh this looks so pretty and delicious! more interesting than the standard afternoon tea fare too. x

  7. The presentation is perfection, such a shame that not everything was home made.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  8. It looks so yummy !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a bottle of Burberry Brit,

  9. Die zalm wraps zien er erg lekker uit!
    Wel stom dat ze geen bestek hadden voor je zonder te vragen :/

  10. Even though the food isn't homemade, it still looks deeeelicious in your photos!

  11. Oh my goodness, everything looks so good! It's a shame that some of them didn't taste so great. It's been way too long since I last had high tea, especially since I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

  12. Yummmm high tea looks great. I hope you had a great time!

  13. Aww I love High Tea!!!!
    One time I had it at Intercontinental in HK it was so good and the view was so pretty :)
    I think I will def enjoy hanging out with you, we have lots in common!!

  14. Ooh wow looks delicious! The sweets especially haha. I've never had high tea before - definitely need to try it soon. :)

  15. At least the high tea looks delicious :D
    This reminds me that it has been years since I last had some. I really want to go again!

  16. Hmmmm ik wil ook! Dit ziet er zo lekker uit <3

  17. Behalve dat het er heel, heel gezellig uit ziet, en ik blij ben dat jullie het naar je zin hebben gehad (High Tea is altijd leuk!!) vind ik Van der Valk gewoon een beetje stom. :p Misschien komt t ook wel gewoon omdat ze alles in hebben gekocht en niks zelf hebben gemaakt en alsnog best wat voor durven te vragen. Maar goed, dat is mijn mening... ik heb nu echt heel veel zin in spekkoek. :p

  18. Wat jammer dat het waarschijnlijk niet zelf is gemaakt. Toch ziet alles er heerlijk uit en ik hou van high tea hmmmm!

  19. So much deliciousness, I can't control myself! Looks too cute to eat. Tea has become something I can't live without now. Have a great week!!

  20. omg amazing food o: your blog is sooo lovely and interesting. now im a new follower :) hope you can be my follower too!


  21. Love High tea ^^
    Ziet er goed uit! Alleen jmmr dat ze niet allemaal homemade zijn!

  22. Oooh niice food O: the apple pie looks goooood
    But whipped cream with scones how odd, maybe it's cheaper for them to serve than clotted :<

  23. i actually didn't know what the term high tea was until i looked it up! the stacks of sweets and eats..! oh my!

  24. Everything looks so delicious! *A* I've never had high tea before (never really found the time to sit down and enjoy it), but now you've really tempted me! >u<

  25. i love high teas too! i love having afternoon tea but no one and i mean NO ONE around me appreciates the art like i do. so yeah, poor me sometimes have to brew myself a green tea from the single sachet at 1 noon, pretending like i'm having homemade afternoon tea all by myself..sometimes with a cookie or two.

    did a high tea once in a restaurant and man, teas smell really those TWG ones, for example. canape is one really tasty pastry too. T__T i'd love to have another high tea from another fine dining place but my parents would probably just think it's useless and "high teas don't/can't fill the empty stomach" sigh. weird, really because we're chinese and idk man..i thought chinese lovess sitting down with a cup of tea! lol

    my friends...well, they just can't appreciate it. heck, they don't even know how to appreciate food/food styling! ...i sound so arrogant but it's true fact. lol. my mother sometimes said i'm acting too much of a queen. -___-;;

    i swear if i was there with you, i'd try everything even though i'm a sweet, i don't even know what kind of tooth i am! lol

  26. I've never had high tea, but I would love to give it a try! I think I am more into sauvory food but I melt for scones with clotted cream! that whipped cream is killing the magic of scones, hahahhaha, I am overreacting I know...:) Did they only offered tea bags?


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