Haarlem City

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Hi Haarlem! And not to be confused with the New York Harlem or the Harlem Shake challenge, Haarlem is thé OG Dutch city to begin with.
By the way, did you know that New York place names like Brooklyn, Flushing, Long Island and many others are from Dutch origins? All thanks to the Dutch colony way back in 1624 that was once New Amsterdam but nowadays New York. Interesting huh!

Anyways, S. and I went to Haarlem and I was quite excited about because I've never been here before. 


Hoi Haarlem! Wist je dat er trouwens ook een Haarlem in NY zit, maar heet het Harlem? Nageaapt? Welnee, Harlem en Haarlem komen vrij overeen met elkaar dankzij de vroegere Nederlandse kolonie. In 1624 waren wij Nederlanders een van de eerste die New Amsterdam vestigde die nu tegenwoordig New York heet. Tot op de dag van vandaag zijn er nog steeds sporen van de oude Nederlandse kolonie terug te vinden in NY. 

S. en ik waren gewoon in de originele Haarlem geweest dus gewoon lekker in ons eigen kikkerlandje! 

2,5 hours train

Lunch at N......
Starts with the N and ends with ative because Native is a super relaxed food place that doesn`t want to be tagged/reposted in social media for growth but rather grow through words of mouth. I can appreciate and respect that. I did found Native through a travel site though.
We ordered
- dirty chai
- fruit and veggie smoothie

- soup of the day (spicy peasoup)
- hummus sandwich with roasted veggies
- flat white
- apricot pie
Mama Bakery
Native also works with local bakeries like Mama Bakery. These kind of display makes me really happy plus they have a good range of healthy baked goods as in gluten-, lactose and sugar free!
Green picturesque Harlem
⮙ `short Annastreet`
Little Free Library movement ⮛
Harlem is a catlover!
Me and S. has noticed the many cat doors that are attached to catloving homes and that is so adorable!
I see you.
Little Shopping Time
Of course there was some shopping involved. Harlem has lots of cozy boutiques and one-man shops with vintage related items.
At the Pindakaas Winkel (literaly means peanut butter shop) where I bought a jar of overpriced delicious peanutbutter-coffee flavoured one.
Café Samabe ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 5/6
As for dinner we went Asian: Indonesian food! We found a place that looked nice, warm and shows quality and by that we meant there was an Indonesian looking man working in the kitchen where we expected some authentic Indo food at the table. This was quite a must because -no offence- if there were only Caucasian running this place I wouldn`t be too sure if I would eat here.
Interior wise it looks spot on with comfy seats, classy staircase combined with a jungle vibe on the background just to keep it informal. After all this restaurant is a café and that suits me more personally. Basically it was like serving streetfood in a fancier way.
Rice Table
Initially I wanted nasi goreng which is Indonesian fried rice and so tasty but then me and S. saw these other Indonesian dishes that we were curious about. We have decided to take a rice table which is rice with various side dishes. Like tapas or dim sum. Rice tables was invented by Dutch colonists (hey there again!) living in Indonesia back in the days. I got myself the veggie rice table while S. got the mixed of everything rice table.
I forgot what this was but it`s vegetarian meatball made of corn and it was so good!
Bye Haarlem!


  1. Wow it looks stunning! Love all the greenery

    1. A city with lots of greenery, trees and flowers are bonus! xx


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