Peek Into My Life 13

My last Peekintomylife-post was in November '11 and my memorycard is full of random pictures. Combining these two facts, I think it's time to post my new p.i.m.l. :)

I have a week holiday! And I'm using it to study...
I am also glad that Holland is warmed up abit: 6 degrees Celsius today! And last week was snowing 
madly with ice everywhere. Mother nature is ill.

My paycheck will be added soon into my bank-account (!!). A challenge for 
me to not, I repeat to not spend it at all >:c 
Mei is on a shopping ban! I must admit I am pretty
 weak (I've broken my ban-rule once) I've been eying on this lately at
So to defense myself from all the pretty stuff, my slogan
for the next few months is: I don't need it. I DONT NEED IT!!

Indian coffee, something that I would love to try. Look at the foam! My auntie send me this photo so credits to her c:

 I have received Arttu's mail with candies :)
please visit his blog!

 I totally forgot to add this photo to my previous post, we can spoil ourself with these yummy perfumes at the restroom!

Peekintomylife 14 click here!

I'm Feeling: good
Music: alan - Kimi Omou Sora Japanese song that I love so much.
Food: tutti frutti
Drink: tea


  1. Yay, I love looking at random pics. Makes me know what a blogger's been up to hehe
    Good luck on the shopping ban! You can do it!!

  2. that indian coffee absolutely look delicious

  3. aaah, wat aardig dat hij je snoepjes heeft gestuurd! :D weijo, zoveel parfum o_O

  4. great post :)

    love the food ... i'm hungry now, hahaha



  5. nomnomnom finnish sweets ! Love those pics :)

  6. Ohhh my god, why do you always have the best food pictures and yummiest snacks? Makes me so jealous, haha. That first thing you made looks amazeballs!


  7. I loved looking at your potos - I want chocolate now!
    I can relate with getting my pay check and having to tell myself not to spend it all in one weekend It's really hard :( ha ha

    You've really made me hungry ha ha

  8. Love it! Would like to try out the Indian coffee!

    Shopping bans are hard, I know! Good luck to you!

  9. These pictures are all so gorgeous! What is that thing in the first and second pics? It looks yummy.

    xo, alison*elle

  10. You're making me jealous, all that chocolate! And I saw you also had a green tea flavour in a previous post? Where'd you get it?

    Don't go shopping! Or just leave your cash and pinpas at home! Works wonders trust me!

  11. Those ASOS earrings are so unusual, I love them! You eat so healthy, all of your food looks so delicious x

  12. wow 6 degrees celsius! That's pretty cold! It's still Summer here in Australia so we're in the 30s!! *.*

    Oh Mei, that beach looks so pretty! And so do you :)

    (The movie This Means War was good! I'm thinking of catching The Vow next. If you've watched it, let me know what you think about it <3)

  13. The photos are gorgeous~ >u< I love looking through it! c:

    Best of luck on your shopping ban! It's usually hard in the first two/three weeks, but it gets easier after that. c:

  14. Are those all your perfumes or someone else's? I love the DKNY apple one! It's so sweet and fresh! :)

  15. I am on a shopping ban too! I spent all of my last payment on clothes and shoes :(
    Oooo indian coffee!!! My friend said that it is really good. I must try it one day!

    I didn't know you practice yoga!

  16. love the chanel chance perfume! those are great pictures!

  17. Hi dear! i just found your blog, i thing it's really nice, i am following now, would be glad if you follow mine too :)
    great post!

  18. hey i came across your blog,your blog is beautiful,come check out my post and follow me if you like it through GFC and i will follow back,cheers

  19. i need to start a shopping ban too but i have lost faith in myself before i even started LOLOL.

    you make holland look amazing and I can't wait to get my aussie ass over there! although i must say i'm happy i'm coming in summer cos your winter sounds frightful!

  20. Great photos dear! Looks like you had a great time!
    Love your blog, keep on going girl!


  21. i always love your photos! :) the food looks sooo yummy! :D

  22. I love all the complimentary perfumes! Such a luxury!

  23. I always love your photos so much Mei! The water droplet one and the beach one look amazing! I am always amazed at how they can pour the coffee like that - it probably requires a lot of skill!

  24. I like so much your photos! the food and parfums, so nice!
    check out my new post xoxo

  25. Very nice photos!! You make everything looks so good!


  26. I love your photography, always such great pictures, dear!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  27. Everything looks delicious!! :)


  28. Random pic posts are so fun to look at ^^
    That stack of chocolates looks so good...and the bathroom shot showcasing all those pretty perfumes is a really cute pic too~

  29. super leuk om allemaal te zien

  30. Yum, that food looks so good and I love the striped skirt! Nice blog


  31. you look so cute!! and the food .... look sooooo yumm. you like japanese food?


  32. ooh those asos earrings are such a pretty design, and not too expensive even if you did end up buying it :P Did the Indian coffee taste much different to chai lattes? x misstea & co.

  33. looks yummie yummie

    xx dear

    check, follow or whatever you like:

  34. Good luck with your study (:

    Lovely pictures!
    That Indian coffee is so interesting. I wanna try it too.

    Dreamy Princess

  35. I like the Japanese song you recommended :) And you have many chocolates! So nice. I'm in shopping mood recently as well. Sigh.

  36. 6 degrees? OMG, i need more than 20 degrees to feel warm :p
    i love your random picture, especially the chocolate bars. um, yummy :D have a nice week! :)

  37. I love your picturessss!!! they looks so amazing!

  38. mm i'd love to try indian coffee too! i don't have a coffee machine at home but i do have instant coffee. i add a bit of water and mix mix mix that stuff until fo it foams up. kind of very ghetto! but exercise for my arms lol :D

  39. I love all your pictures <3 <3 make me feel so happy ^^
    that snack look so yummy~

  40. I love seeing your random photos. They always make me smile and hungry haha. That Indian coffee looks yummy! :)

    P.S. Thanks for all the support you give my blog!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
    Please support Give Jewelry!

  41. have a nice blog!! :-)

  42. Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you wanT!

  43. leuke diary post! En al het eten en drinken ziet er zo goed uit

    Travel in Style


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