Sleepless in New York I


Hey New York, we meet again. It's been almost 10 years since my last time NY. Yikes time flies. Especially when you're having fun. Especially when you're having fun with food and your family around in NY, the city that never sleeps.

It's actually my third time in NY and this time I want to explore NY in a more less touristy way. Checking places where I have never been before. Of course there will be always some revisits like Grand Central Station, Chinatown and Time Square and many more. 


Hey New York daar ben ik weer. Het is alweer bijna 10 jaar geleden sinds dat ik hier was. Wat vliegt de tijd toch snel! Zeker als je het leuk hebt. Zeker als het je leuk hebt met eten en familie om je heen in NY, de stad die nooit slaapt. 

Dit is mijn 3e keer in NY en dit keer wil ik de mindere toeristische dingen zien. Gewoon nieuwe dingen ontdekken zeg maar. Toch blijven paar plekken onvermijdelijk en zoek ik ze weer op, zoals Grand Central Station, Chinatown en Time Square en nog veel meer. 

voor Nederlandse
Yum cha at New Lake Pavilion
A long day ahead in NY asks for a hearty and nourishing breakfast. In Chinese household that means: yum cha! We went to New Lake Pavilion in Flushing-New York and this place and it`s manner has captured the way of Hong Kong yum cha style I think. The diner place has a bit of washed away glam with steamy dim sum cart pushed around. Very nostalgic!
Oldskool dim sum cart.
We end up ordering way to much. But most importantly I managed to steal away the dim receipt from my uncle and aunt and paid for the whole meal and refused their money payback. Any Chinese is familiar with this `fight` of who treats who. Also the leftover food got bagged in doggybags.
Asian buns for on the road.
My cousin here at his brand-new kitchen and also our NY tour guide. He took a whole week off from work so he can take us out. The sweetest!! #supergrateful
Rainy NY
Community Bookstore
Greenlight Bookstore
First stop: bookstores ❤
I`m a sucker for good looking book covers like this one `Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With me`. Though I didn`t buy the book because of the many unread books on my shelves at home but have you read this one? It`s actually a comic and if you did read this I`d love to know your review on it!
Bookstores with a cat is a clever customer magnet and mega bonus for catlovers like me. Community Bookstore has Tiny The Usurper here and he`s adorableeee.
My haul!
Central Central
“Grand Central Market. Love the food and produces here yet they are a bit overpriced. Me and my cousins only ate the free samples and left ha.
My first Jamba juice!
The New York Public Library
Story time at The New York Public Library. It also throws me back to my favorite disaster movie `The Day After Tomorrow` starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
A dvd vending machine, fascinating!
Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant ❤❤❤❤❤ 4/5
For dinner we went to a 100% vegetarian restaurant serving Chinese dishes and I`m happy! My country really needs this kind of food place. I got the Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面) while my cousin got this soup noodle dish. We also ordered some side dishes as well. They all look authentic dishes with meat and such but they are all vegetarian friendly yet delicious food.


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