It's my birthday!

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Hello 2020! I've decided for my first post of 2020 should be my birthday which happend on 18th december (same birthday as Billie Eilish, SIA, Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt). And yes I'm leaving the twenties behind and entering a new decade of the big three-0.
And that needs to be celebrated!

I came with this spontaneous idea to throw a party. It's spontaneous because I never throw parties. So this 30th party of mine needs to be close to perfect.
At the end I threw a party at a restaurant that I like because of the food and interior wise looked awesome (saves decorating time).

Scroll down for photo's but also tips and tricks to host a birthday party!


Hallo 2020! Ik besluit dat mijn eerste post over mijn verjaardag gaat en dat was op 18 december (net als Billie Eilish, SIA, Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt). En ja ik laat de twintigers achter me en komt de grote drie-0 tegemoet. Dat moet gevierd worden uiteraard!

Ik kwam met een spontaan idee om een feest te geven. Voor mij is het spontaan want ik geef nooit feesten namelijk. Dus deze 30e verjaardagsfeest moet tip top zijn. 
Ik vierde mijn verjaardag in een restaurant vanwege de kwaliteitseten en het interieur was fijn (scheelt weer versieren). 

Hieronder zie je de foto's maar ook tips en adviezen om een verjaardagsfeest te geven!

voor Nederlandse
Forever Young
tip 1
Make memories
It is no secret that I love photography and taking snaps with my camera or phone and there`s no better way to make memories then by photo`s. Physical photo`s! For my birthday party I definitely want to take photo`s and not only by phone but also with these disposable camera`s that I haven`t used in decades! I love vintage, oldskool and all the retro and collecting physical photo`s to look back at is nice as well. Hopefully they turn out well because with disposable camera`s you can`t check if your shot was well or not. Fingers crossed! A review of these disposable camera`s coming soon.
tip 2
DIY photobooth
Disposable camera`s: check! Now I want a fun background decor with fun props for me and my friends/family/colleagues to play with. I first checked out the rental photo booths but they are so expensive! Hence I`ve decided to create my own kind of photobooth with cheaper disposable camera`s, balloons, foil letter balloons, foam frame and garland.

tip 3
Food. Of course
A party without food is just a meeting am I right! My friends, family and colleagues (FFC) knows me as a foodloving human being and I want my guests to enjoy great food as I want it for myself. As I love to cook I`ve decided to let chefs from restaurant Hector to do the work for me due to the fact I have 20 guests coming to my party and I was already stressing out about the planning and organizing this party, I can`t have another cooking stress situation add-on.

lunch > dinner
So my birthdayparty is basically also a lunchparty, a choice that I`ve made because it is cheaper than dinner. Along with Hector we`ve created a little menu where guests can choose from: meat, fish or veggie. With dessert obviously. If you have guests with special diet make sure you have the right food for them served as well!

money saving tips
Other money saving options would be a afternoon tea (with free refill service ones!) or a cocktail time with snacks but again it`s really up to you and your budget. You could have it all at your home and have a catering coming over or a food truck. Even store bought quality food is fine.
I chose for the fish which is the seabass with udon noodles. The fish cooked perfectly not overdone and melt in the mouth. The noodles were on the salty side. The side fries with mayo were delicious! For those who chose meat got the Mexican burger with nacho`s and the veggie one was ravioli with mushroom which smelled so good I almost regret.
Being a host is honestly quite hard working.
There`s always room for dessert as it is my favourite course of all. This empty board above was once filled with macarons by the way.
I`m so grateful and thankful for them.
laugh, chat and DIY a bit before food arrives!
I got beads and strings for some table entertainment.
More tips
1. Plan at least 1-2 months ahead to make sure the date is confirmed and reassured and location reserved and booked.
2. Make an organisation to-do list of things like guestlist, plan-b, shopping for decorations, food/drinks, games etc.
3. When you have questions about locations/rentals etc.: call them and not by email.
4. When decided to rent a location make sure you communicate and stay communicating with the owner of the location. It is ok to express your wishes and expectation!
5 Make invites! You can make a group-app on WhatsApp with your guests for a quick and change digital information about your party. Or you can make cards with ready made templates or design your own! I myself made cards with
6. Buy decorations way ahead especially when you buy it from eBay, Wish or other budgetfriendly onlineshops from China. Delivery time can be 2 weeks to half a year.
7. When your decorations, balloons, foil letters and confetti arrived check them to make sure they are not damaged. Some of my foil letter balloons didn`t have an opening and stayed flat...
8. Ask a friend to help you with decorating!
9 Get a nice outfit for yourself #treatyourself
10 Prepare a thank you speech. I didn`t prepared one thought I could improvise right on the spot but turned out I got awkward, shy and overwhelmed by my FFC`s (friends, family, colleagues). So! Prepare a thank you speech and it can be written with just keynotes.
11 Food tips: make a list of who got allergies or special diets. Discuss and create with chefs about the menu you wishes.
If celebrate at home make sure you have more than enough foods in sweet and savory. In my opinion there should be cake, period. Make sure you don`t waste food.

Drink tips: At location do you want to take all the drinks into your own account (if budget allows) or just one drink per person or none? Make sure to state this clearly in the invites to avoid whoopsie situations. At home: make sure you have enough for your guests and if possible use reusable cups.
12 Enjoy enjoy enjoy! It`s your birthday dear!
The presents at last! I asked for a none-material gift because over the years I`ve become an adult who treasures more value in memorable experience like having a nice dinner together than physical material. Unless it`s a Chanel bag but that`s a whole another story ha.

I got my none-material gift but still received thoughtful presents though, THANK YOU!
Also, give flowers because flowers are always a good idea!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like it was an awesome lunch

    1. Thank you Natalie!! The lunch was awesome and TASTY!! Xx

  2. Happy 30th birthday! Your party looks like it was a blast

    1. Thank you dear Rooth ^___^ I had a wonderful birthday party! Xx

  3. nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Ik ben blij om te zien dat je nog steeds aan het bloggen bent :)

    1. Lief, dankjewel!! Ik ben vergeleken met het begin van het bloggen veel minder gaan bloggen tegenwoordig :P


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