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Yesterday I was in the Dutch city Utrecht alongside with good company of two friends. We went for orientation at an university. Me and friends are considering to get a master degree hence we went to check out this orientation day. After that we didn't went straight back home. Oh no. We went relaxing, shopping and eating in this beautiful city Utrecht and that pretty much was the highlight of this weekend. Hows your weekend so far going?

Gisteren was ik in Utrecht samen met een twee stel goede vriendinnen aan mijn zijde. We gingen voornamelijk voor een open dag over een master opleidingen bij een universiteit. Wij drieën overwegen namelijk om een master opleiding te volgen dus vandaar. Daarna gingen we nog niet naar huis. Echt niet. We bleven nog om te relaxen, te winkelen en lekker uit eten te gaan in deze mooie stad genaamd Utrecht. Dit is weliswaar mijn hoogtepunt van dit weekend. Hoe is jou weekend dusver?

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We drove
Since I only got my driving licence for just over a year I didn`t feel to confident driving on a 2 to 4 lane highway from country land hometown to a big city like Utrecht. So A. took over the steering wheel and about 1 hour and 15 min in the car me, A. and K. have arrived. All safe and sound.
It`s all about the all-you-can-eat breakfast
Our first stop was to grab breakfast that was just 8,90 bucks! Whoot!
More of this coming soon.
Turkish coffee.

This is sweet `tahini molasses` spread and it`s super delish!
Sharing is caring but I took the strawberry ha.


Why I sometimes prefer you over Amsterdam. Utrecht you were was rainy, sunny but most importantly friendly warm.
Something serious
Something serious
Something serious
Time to be a tad serious because the main reason for me, A. and K. to go all the way to Utrecht was orientation day about master degree of education at this BCN building.
Here we are with many cups of caffeine serious thinking about getting back to school and dreaming about having a master degree in the pocket. That would not look bad at all in my CV am I right?
After this master degree orientation thing we decided to grab a snack and more caffeine at Starbucks.
Then we left for Utrecht again
Spotting Piet Mondriaan street art work for free.
€60 damage at Other Stories.
Yikes and more damages were made. #dontworrypaycheckisnextweek was the mantra.
Again this is not Amsterdam. Utrecht is much neater.

@I Melt For you 

"One yogurt with figs ice cream please!"
How to end a day in Utrecht? With ice cream of course.
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  1. This sounds like quite a nice little day trip. I love Turkish coffee! It's one of my favorite things. Good luck in deciding on that masters degree :)

  2. Sounds like a nice day out, Utrecht looks really nice. Also how exciting to hear you're considering a Masters!

  3. The food looks awesome. Let us know how the master's program exploration goes as well

  4. Have you decided to pursue a masters degree? :D All the food looks so delish! As you know, food is always my favourite part of any trip ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Me too, haha! Of course I didn't know you were there too, so I wasn't paying attention, but I think I might have still recognized you had our pathes crossed...

    Anyway, I had a blast and it looks like you did too:) And such lovely weather, wasn't it?!


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