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Last Summer in Hong Kong I experienced the Food Expo for the very first time with my niece. The Food Expo is actually a popular event that happens every Summer in Hong Kong - Wan Chai in the HKTDC building. It's a very popular event among foodies and youngsters but middle aged people as well because at the Food Expo you can buy food products and home ware stuff such as pans and cooing electronics for a great deal of price! There were people
 with trolleys and even with suitcases around to store their groceries basically. 

Last summer I sadly didn't went to the manga & game ANI-COM (fuller blogpost here) but instead I went to this Food Expo which is great as well and perhaps more suitable to my own age ha.  Therefore I was this time not surrounded by 'cosplayers' and gamers but with people who loves food.

In de vorige zomer in Hong Kong mocht ik voor het eerst de Food Expo ervaren samen met mn nichtje. De Food Expo is een populaire hotspot dat in elk zomer plaatsvindt in de HKTDC gebouw. Een ware walhalla dus voor foodies en jongeren maar ook mensen op middelbare leeftijd komen graag naar de Food Expo. Je kan er niet alleen eten maar ook boodschappen doen voor mooie prijzen en ook kun je keuken artikelen zoals pannen en apparaten kun er verkrijgen. Vandaar de vele mensen die hun trolleys en zelfs hun koffers meenamen om hun boodschappen in te doen. Heel slim!

In de vorige zomer moest ik helaas manga & game ANI-COM missen (meer hierover in deze blogpost) maar daarvoor in de plaats kwam deze Food Expo. Wellicht past het beter bij mijn leeftijd ha. 
Daarom was ik dit keer niet omringd door 'cosplayers' en gamers, maar met mensen die van eten houdt.

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Food Expo - Wan Chai - Hong Kong
Freebies, shopping and food
The Food Expo is an annual summer event and a place to be if you want to buy and hoard food products for a great deal of price, to eat fresh made food or even for free! Most of the stands were offering free promo food for people to try out which is amazing for our wallet of course.
The price for entrance was HK$25 and this includes the Food Expo hall, Beauty & Wellness hall and the Homeware hall. Me and my niece mainly went to see the Food Expo hall. There was also a hall where you can see professional chefs preparing meals and such but that one you need to pay HK$45 for it if I`m not mistaken.
The Food Expo was my first timer and I have learned how crowded it was so my advice for you: go early to avoid long queues.
Lets start and eat!
This whole experience reminded me of an indoor Asian market with mainly Asian streetfood.
Me and my niece mainly shared food together and our first food were these pretty amazing pan fried baby octopus with XO sauce! After this we moved on to our second bite.
The Korean section! Me and niece wanted to try out these yummy looking Korean rice cake (tteokbokki) but it was sadly overpriced. This was quite a bit disappointment because I thought that the food inside the Food Expo would be cheaper but the price difference was not that crazy.
Me and my niece moved on to a better food deal.
Free tasting!
Most of these free tasting are promo foods. Basically you can try out all the food and call it your lunch/dinner and be full after because there we so many! Here are some of tasting I have had:
Yogurt from Spain and chocolate milk.
I don`t remember what the left thing was but the right was a delicious chocolate hazelnut paste on a bread stick.
Yay savory food! Here a spoonful of rice with dried fish and a cup with noodles in sesame sauce.
Juice and a handful seaweed chips.
Chocolate snacks.
Really good cup of coffee and generous piece of cake.
Jellyfish and water? Or soda.
A cup of refreshing apple cider and a small bit of cream biscuit.
Indomie stand!
Here I bought a lunchset at the famous Indomie stand: noodles with fishballs and coconut water. These noodles are so different than the instant noodles I eat from Indomie itself and they were spicy and very yum!
Hanjuku Kobo
My favorite stand at Food Expo!
I went mad when I saw these precious looking green tea tarts!! You see, Hanjuku Kobo specializes in Japanese pastries, cheesecakes and desserts. Their official website is still under construction but you can check out their FB!
» Hanjuku Kobo
I got: blood orange jelly drink (looked like a blood donation bag #lol) and green tea cheese tart. They were both very delicious and especially the green tea cheese tart was so so good!
Cake with custard filling you got me already with the cute packaging.
And last but not least: a durian flavored cheesetart! If you are familiar with the durian fruit then you also know that it smells (in a bad way) but this tart was luckily not heavily smelly and tasted quite good. But not as good as the green tea cheese tart from above.
I didn`t really bought things because the things I have bought were food that I ate straight away already at Food Expo. I did end up buying couple of snacks and this Nissin goodiebag which contains a Nissin bowl + chopsticks, a mini bag, the big cute shopper bag and 10x assorted flavored instant Nissin noodles!


  1. Eep those green tea tarts look soo good! I love everything green tea :') Also the tteokbokki looks bomb as well. It's sad that some food stalls can be so overpriced tho. Ahh it's like 1 am here, and I'm getting hungry looking at these amazing food photos ;u;

  2. Food expos must be so fun! Really looking forward to visiting one some day!

  3. This looks like so much fun!! Anything with free samples is a win in my eyes :p I really wanna try that octopus, it looks delicious!

  4. Ah I wanna try the green tea cheese tart so badly! I'd probably spend so much money here o.o I feel like the Food Expo is probably a good place to go with a lot of friends, so that we can all get one thing from each place to share and get to try all the different foods! Good thing there were so many free samples :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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