DIY: with wooden beads (4/4)


This is my 4th and final short & easy DIY with the wooden beads that Pandahall kindly gave me. I hope I did not overdo this sponsor promoting thing to much or bragged about it too much. In the end I just want to stay true and be grateful too. Anyway this 4th DIY is similar to my first 1st DIY here except this 4th DIY is more showing how to make gifting a bit more fun and memorable!


Dit is alweer mijn 4e en laatste kort en krachtig DIY met de houten kralen die Pandahall mij zo vriendelijk heeft opgestuurt. Hopelijk ging ik niet té overboord met deze sponsor promotie actie gedoe. Ik blijf natuurlijk mezelf maar wil natuurlijk ook dankbaarheid tonen uiteindelijk. Maar goed! De 4e DIY lijkt erg veel op de 1e DIY hier maar de DIY van vandaag is meer gericht op het opleuken van 't inpakken van schenken! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

You need:
Wooden beads // any gift boxes // steel or iron wire (0,7 - 1 mm) // pliers
1. Measure out the iron wire to your liking.
2. Poke the iron wire from the side to the inside of the gift box and pull it through to the other side. Make a litte bend of the short end wire on the inside to secure it
3. Insert the beads.
4. Now secure the other end of this wire by pulling through the same hole you came in first and make a little bend on the inside
to secure it.
This cute Chinese take away box that I once bought at Micheals already have a wire to it so all you need to is to rebend the wire with a pair of pliers, insert the beads and bend the wire back to its original state.
Link: here!

Thanks Pandahall for the beads. They are wonderful!
Spice up your gifting!
Try these out too!

Which one of these DIY is your favorite?


  1. Great!
    I am going to try this ;)

  2. That's such a great way for using beads! Now I can use this for future gifts and what not.

    Cabin Twenty-Four

  3. Haha it just shows how much you genuinely enjoy these beads and I'm glad :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. i loved your bead series. you did such a great job!


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