Trying Australian Snacks!


Knowing and meeting like minded people is always pleasant and welcome and when blogger Natalie from dignifiable proposed to do a snack swap box with snacks of our nationality (she is from Australia), I didn’t decline her offer!

This happened back around the holiday season and you might have read it here already.

I have never tried anything from Australia yet so imagine me getting really excited about the stuff Natalie has sent me! Trying out new food is one of my favourite things to do, whether it’s eating out at a new restaurant or buying a product with a brand new flavour in it, this all fills my heart with excitement.

So lets see what my thoughts are one Australian snacks!


Kennen en ontmoeten van gelijkgestemde mensen is altijd super leuk en fijn en toen blogger Natalie van dignifiable voorstel had om te gaan ruilen in pakjes geven met daarin snacks van onze nationaliteit (zij komt uit Australië), heb ik haar aanbod natuurlijk niet afgewezen!

Dit gebeurde ergens rond de feestdagen die je misschien al hier eerder over gelezen hebt.

Ik heb nog nooit dingen uit Australië geproefd en dus was ik zeer enthousiast over de dingen die Natalie gestuurd heeft! Uitproberen van nieuw eten is een van mijn favoriete bezigheden, of het nou om uit eten gaat bij een nieuw restaurant of het kopen van een product met een nieuwe smaak, dit alles gaat met liefde door de maag! Althans dat hoop je natuurlijk.

Laten we hieronder gaan kijken wat ik ga uitproberen!

I have: Timtam, Chicos Babies, Cadbury Dairy Milk - Vegemite, Allen's candies and Tiny Teddy

Lets start with the star of all the Aussie snacks: TimTam! Ugh, I've been wanting to try these badboys since forever so when I received a pack of TimTam I had high high expectation of them. Finger crossing they are not going to disappoint me and they really didn't! Amazingly chocolate biscuit with a nice brittle texture and filling inside. I'm eating them really slowly (1 biscuit per week, I kid you not) so I can enjoy them a bit longer.
Chicos Babies
Chicos Babies are jelly chocolate flavored candies. I like chocolate and jelly/gummy stuff but I never had them together as one. After tasting them, it didn't wow'd me in the first place and I doubt it will be in the future. The candies were good but not special. I do love the shape of the candies which are cute and morbid too when I bite the 'heads' off.

 Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite
 Oh dear! Chocolate and vegemite, almost like an alien chocolate bar and I can't wait to taste you.
As announced earlier, I will try this bar out for you!
Before trying out this chocolate, I have done my homework by trying out the real vegemite first. Luckily Natalie have also send 2 samples. Conclusion: vegemite is good stuff, I like it!
Next: the chocolate. The bar itself broke in half and one of the piece has leaked out some of the vegemite filling, making the smell of vegemite overpowering once I ripped open the wrapper. I assumed that the taste would be strong too. But that wasn't the case, in fact it has a really mere and subtle taste of vegemite. I like the ratio of the vegemite init but I wouldn't mind if there was a slightly bit more of it. I'm familiar with Cadbury chocolate and the milk chocolate is lovely. Conclusion: milk chocolate & vegemite can go hand in hand and I like it!

Allen's candies
Milko Chews
Out of these 3 flavored soft chewy candies - the Milko chews are my favorite. I just happen to love creamy and dairy stuff. They are the reason I can't be vegan...
Red Skins
Red Skins has a fruity flavor and after a bit of Google research it's raspberry flavored candies! I thought it was cherries at first. 
Sherbies are orange flavored candies with a creamy center. I like food with orange flavor so Sherbies were definitely not bad stuff! 

 Tiny Teddy
Tiny Teddy biscuits really reminds me of my childhood school snacks! 
And these teddy bear shaped biscuits with chocolate are just simple nice. Couldn't fault with anyone really. Unless you have gluten allergy. The Tiny Teddy biscuits were stored in a glass container and I have finished it within 3 days.
I've also checked out their main website too and it appears to come in other flavors too!


  1. Those snacks look so good! I went to Australia 7 years ago, and I think I tried Tim Tams (and loved them) but I'm not entirely sure. I definitely want to go back soon!

  2. Wow this is so fun! So cool seeing snacks I'm familiar with. I can't believe you've never tried Tim Tams! They do heaps of special flavours too which are really good. My fav is the salted caramel one. I absolutely looooooooove red skins :D I'm surprised you liked Vegemite! I can't stand it :P you're very courageous for trying it

    chloé⎪ status.chlo

  3. Aww thanks! Tim Tams were the best and the tiny teddies, I used to have them a lot when I was in primary school. The rest weren't my favourite snacks, just very Australian. I am glad that you liked Vegemite! And I agree with the chocolate, the vegemite was very subtle. It tasted very similar to salted caramel (in a sense). Glad you enjoyed :) I feel inspired to do a similar post to this :)

    Nat | Dignifiable

  4. looks yummy!

  5. Oh, those Allen's candies were my favourite when I was a kid! I had no idea you couldn't get them outside of Australia. Aren't Tim Tams the best, too? It's sooo hard to resist eating a whole packet at a time!

  6. Tim Tam looks delicious!

  7. Yess Tim Tams! We have so many flavours of them too. When I get back to Australia I can send you more ;) I haven't actually tried the vegemite chocolate... still not convinced haha.

  8. The tiny teddies remind me of teddy grahams from here (U.S.)! & that vegemite chocolate sounds interesting. I actually haven't tried vegemite yet, but I've heard it's an acquired taste.

  9. Oooh, how fun! I'd looove to try out TimTams sometime - and the Tiny Teddy's do look like something I had back in primary school too...

  10. All these snacks sound so fun! I would never have thought that chocolate and vegemite go together, but now I am curious to try it!

  11. Tim Tams are on my list of snacks to try - yum

  12. You got some great Australian snacks here, I love Tiny Teddy's and I used to really love Sherbies and Redskins when I was younger :)


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