HOTSPOT: Taart en Tafel


Recently I went afternoon tea’ing with my bestie at: Taart & Tafel. Translate: Cake & Table. You eat your cake and drink your tea in granny style really, the cups, the interior everything is vintage, kitsch and heartwarming!  

Taart & Tafel offers afternoon tea with homemade food and free refillable tea. I really appreciate the fact that they serve homemade food instead that everything is bought in from a supermarket. So thumbs up for that!

Our host was pretty friendly as well as she gave us a short into about the food and yadayada..
Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take any pictures so enjoy and read my verdict!


Laatst ging ik met mijn beste vriendin high tea’en bij Taart & Tafel. Schattige naam toch? Bij Taart & Tafel eet je je taart en drink je je thee in oma stijl. Want het interieur, de kopjes en servies is vintage, kitsch en heel huiselijk! Iets wat ik persoonlijk super vind. 

Daarnaast maakt Taart en Tafel alles zelf. Dus niks is ingekocht van een supermarkt of groothandel. Dat is echt een pluspunt! Taart en Tafel is wel een tikkeltje duurder dan de andere hightea’s maar dat neem ik graag voor lief want homemade stuff are the best!

Onze gastvrouw was ook heel aardig. We kregen eerst een korte intro over het eten en blablabla.. 
En ik zou geen blogger zijn zonder (veel te veel) foto’s te maken dus scroll naar beneden, geniet, lees en huiver mijn oordeel!

Me and my friend agreed: this cup is the best! It's like a mini bath tub haha. 

Spot the frog. 

After the plateau tower with goodies this toast cup thingy came after it. It was warmed up and me and my bestie agreed: deliciousssss. 

ADDRESS:  Vlasmarkt 8 4461CW Goes - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  5/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. I've never been to a tea place, but this looks fantastic! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  2. Aw how adorable!! I love tea rooms, but the last time I was in one was when I was in the UK. It looks like you had a very traditional tea room experience & you have definitely raved about it!! The tea cups are adorable & the food looks yummy!

  3. Wow, everything looked so delicious! I really love those tea cups as well, so cozy and beautiful! <3

  4. haha "granny style" is so in right now :P All the food looks great! seems like a good experience which is an absolute must with these types of restaurants.

  5. so cool! you always have awesome pics!

  6. Het ziet er echt heerlijk uit! Er gaat niets boven zelfgemaakt eten hihi.
    Leuke foto's ook :)

  7. Very cute pictures ! I love how you integrate gif into your posts, I used to do that but I should go back to it ! It's really nice !

  8. nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often! :)

    Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

  9. Die kopjes zijn zoo leuk! Het ziet er wel verrukkelijk uit. Ik heb nu heel erg zin in brownies... D:

  10. this place look so goood :)) I want to pay a visit there!!

  11. Veeery nice, jammer dat het niet in de buurt is!

  12. I love a good afternoon tea, this place looks adorable! The food looks/sounds amazing too.

  13. I'm about to pass out for exhaustion, but this instantly made me happy! You look great as always and the photos are making us all hungry :)

  14. Het ziet er allemaal zo schattig en leuk uit !
    Leuke post.

    Much Love, M

  15. This looks like the perfect place to have tea with girlfriends! Love the china x

  16. wauw, prachtige foto's! Je had zeker een leuke dag gehad ^^ thanks for het delen, ik wil zeker daarheen gaan

  17. Oh wow, that place looks awesome!

  18. Man that stuff looks delicious. I was never high on high tea (sorry for the pun) until I tried it in London. Changed my mind about it forever.

  19. Wow the place looks fantastic! I love the tea cups as well. They're so adorable. :)

  20. I absolutely love High Tea, I dont enjoy fine dining though. So its a little silly how much I've spent on having just tea and various slices of cake. This place looks incredibly delightful.

  21. i love places like this! so adorable!

  22. Yummy food (ohmy clotted cream how I miss it! can't find it anywhere in Barcelona) and beautiful decor & utensils make a perfect place. Oh! and love the little peek of the outside, it seems a very lovely street. Do you live at Goes?

  23. i actually forgot if i dropped a comment to this already... or not?
    ah whatever.
    i love the pastries/cakes served during tea time. also, they make me feel...british *whacked* no, but really.. that's an A+ feeling in itself and is actually one of the reasons why i like teas and tea time. ha, sophistication for the royalty :P

    everything looks so pretty and delicious i don't know where to start...i know how to drool though that's for sure *o*
    i'm really diggin the brownies >< been loving brownies lately thanks to starbucks :s


  24. it's cozy here, and for a delicious beet soup definitely a good address.


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