I'll be still watching cartoon when I turn 80. Watch me.

I've decided to write my post from now on in English and Dutch! 


Along with other 1000's of manga-, game-, comic and Tokyo pop lovers/collectors, I have attended this animationhaven place: ANI-COM & Games again last summer in Hong Kong.

In my younger years, I've enjoyed watching anime's such as Sailormoon and Pokemon (who doesn't love Pikachu?) and still on this very day, I'm loyal fan of Japanese styled cartoon.

I think a lot of people would like this exhibition, there's a live show, art gallery, tons of shops, stalls of homemade goods, food spots and of course people in cosplay! Its like carnival in Asian style!

Please enjoy this post, I've made again, lots of pictures!


Met andere 1000'n manga-, game-, strips en Tokyo pop lovers/verzamelaars, heb ik in de afgelopen zomer in Hong Kong weer aan de wahalla van animatie bijgewoond: ANI-COM & Games.

Toen ik klein was, heb ik met veel plezier naar  anime’s zoals Sailormoon en Pokemon (wie houdt nou niet van Pikachu?) gekeken en ook tot op de dag van vandaag, ben ik nog steeds een loyale fan van Japanse animatie.

Ik denk dat heel veel mensen dit evenement leuk zullen vinden, ik bedoel er is een live show aanwezig, een gallerij, oneindig veel winkeltjes, kraampjes met DIY’d koopwaar, eettentjes en natuurlijk mensen in cosplay! Het is net carnival in Asian stijl! 

Heb veel leesplezier in dit artikel, ik heb zoals altijd, weer veel foto’s gemaakt!
Me and my cousin got up early so we can avoid the long queues. 

 A cool live drawing by an artist. 

 I saw a lot people dressing up as a character of Attack on Titans. This little guy here was my favorite! Makeshift gear and all!

 The admission fee itself was 3 bucks. The stuff here like these collectible dolls are more exclusive and expensive.

 This is a clock and it can stand up and flaps with his hands and talks when the alarm goes off. 

Impressive cosplay! Tho I haven't seen any Star Wars movie yet :c

 So this was an interesting scientific experiment with this coke bottle because it 'freezes' by itself once opened.


  1. Great potos! Kisses.

  2. ahhhhh cosplay! i LOVEEEEEE! and the lego at the begining is so cute!!
    this reminds me that i should probably order by chobits costume for halloween

  3. OH MY GOODNESS THAT LITTLE FELLA IN THE SHINGEKI NO KYOUJIN COSPLAY WITH THE STANCE AND ALL IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe, wauw. Wat een supernice event. Ik ben zelf niet echt een huge anime-lover maar de occasional anime vind ik echt niet vervelend om te kijken. Vooral als het prachtig is zoals Shingeki no Kyoujin of 5cm per second... of zeg maar... alles van Studio Ghibli. Whoa, ik zou echt wel een keer naar zo'n event willen.

  4. Such beautiful pictures!! Love the little lego :') so cute!

    elissex.blogspot.com xx

  5. Omgg die klok is awesome zeg! En 3 bucks is cheaaap! :o ik zag op tvb news iets over deze con haha!

  6. So cool! :D I laughed at the upside down iphone though :P

  7. I think I'd really enjoy going to a convention like this but I'd feel like I didn't belong because as much as I really like anime, I'm not a super fan to know more than a few shows! But I was actually thinking of dressing as Sailor Moon for Halloween this year! On another note, I LOVE those Coke vending machines in HK. Blows my mind every time I buy one!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  8. How in the world does that Coco Cola work? Is there some sort of chemical reaction that goes on, making it freeze? :o

    Also, who didn't grow up loving Sailor Moon? I bonded with my first friend at elementary school over Sailor Moon. Her sister and her went as some of the characters from it for Halloween. ^^

  9. I am personally not into cartoons, but I have to admit that I enjoy seeing others enjoying it and I do understand why they like it so much!!! as ussual, your photos are awesome! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  10. How does it freeze? xD Wut.

    This looks like an awesome time. I love going to events like this. They don't happen often in Adelaide, though.

  11. Het ziet er super leuk uit daar! En mooi shirtje heb je aan c: XX

  12. i miss going to cons. i think anime and manga will always be my interest. i just love the ones that have really great storylines, art and music.

  13. Ziet er grappig uit! XO

    p.s. op mijn blog valt €25,- shop tegoed te winnen! klik hier!

  14. Dat alarm is echt zoo gaaf! :D

  15. Totally - me and my friends still always talk about the cartoons we watched when we were kids and also sing the theme songs!

    Have the best day ever,

  16. I will also still be watching cartoons when I'm 80! I'm a kid at heart :)

  17. Zalig, wow je blog is een beetje ingewikkeld voor een simpel iemand als mij :) wel super leuk! ja de pompoen is alvast voor halloween! ik ga je volgen! :)

  18. oh it looks like so much fun!:) lovely photos!♥


  19. Ah I'm a huge fan of anime. :'D I spend way too much time watching it haha. Ani-Com looks like a lot of fun! Although I wish the stuff they sold at conventions wasn't so expensive. :c

  20. oh my god i totally squealed at this post since i'm such an otaku and this post is just glorious in itself! that little dude cosplaying attack on titan is awesome! ;w; i want the 3D gear~ lol snk cosplayers are really awesome ;w;

  21. Great post! :) I love looking at cosplays and attending conventions even though my love for anime/mange has grown out. The classics from my childhood will forever be loved (:

  22. This post's title: SO TRUE XD And oh my gosh, for most people it's probably not the eye-catcher of the bunch, but: That "patisserie" shop.. Só adorable. Those little buns and cream pastries. Would totally buy that whole store if I were there :')


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