"I'm very much down to earth, just not this earth."

 - Karl Lagerfeld 

I truly can't wait for the holidays. I want to
do fun things and ignore school for abit. I am also
looking for a pair of good leather boots as my favorite
online shop ASOS.com has 50% with their
footwear c: 

I was reading a lifestyle magazine today and was 
doing this quiz/test thing whether you are a wind-, 
water-, fire- or earth-type. The conclusion: I am
an earth type. I work result-oriented, clear  
and disciplined. Too much earth can lead to rigidity 
compulsiveness and narrowness.
Identifiable alright.  

Our event on last Wednesday was unforgettable.
More on that on the next few posts! 

Looks yuck but so yummy this Chinese red bean dessert with boiled egg made by dad.

Green tea latte by Nestle. I wish the texture came with creamy foam on top. Other than that
it taste quite good.  

I'm Feeling: calm and relaxed
Music: Coldplay - Lost - "Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost" brilliant. 
Food: potatoe
Drink: tea 


  1. Haha, that Chinese dessert actually looks good to me! And why must you tempt me with the 50% off? :P

  2. I giggled when I saw the title of this post :P Hope your break is just around the corner I know it feels so good to just get a break from school :) And yay for ASOS having sales! I'm always the last to know about all these so thanks for posting! x

  3. Green tea latte? I bet it has a unique taste. Hehe

  4. The night time photo is lovely with the telephone wire silhouette. I'm glad to hear the event went well too. (:

  5. that cellphone lauriet you got there was very cute

  6. Gorgeous photos as always! The dessert your dad made looks really interesting, I love red bean desserts! And the picture of you with the moon is very striking :)

    xx Ellie

  7. Red bean dessert is quite delicious, it's also very popular by Vietnamese people :)

  8. Yum yum, dat cakeje♥~. en red bean dessert is ook zó lekker ^^

  9. I just had red bean dessert earlier! It was delicious :D I ate two bowls hehe but I've never heard of boiled eggs in red bean dessert before O_O

    I hope you enjoy the holidays :)

    nyuu | lolitium.net

  10. Leuke en mooie foto's allemaal! En waar heb je de green tea latte gekocht? Ben daar heel benieuwd naar! :) X

  11. The pohotographs looks really relaxing, btw the shoes in your firts pic looks lovely.


  12. oh yesss i remember those tests! back then i was almost obsessed about it.. i think i was the fire-type :D can't wait for vacation as well >.<
    is that a sketchbook there? the cover looks really cute *Q*
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  13. Great post, love that tea
    Kisses from spain

  14. Hi dear,
    I love thesepics and I really like Pickwick tea too:)
    When you have a chance take a look at my new mustard coat:)
    Have a great start of week!
    Fashion tea at 5

  15. awesome photos! :) your phone accessory is so cute :D

    Rae :3
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  16. the dessert with egg seems shocking o_o haha

  17. ooh I'd love to do this quiz! Althought I'm pretty sure that I'm not a fiery type. Caramelised pear tea yummmmmmm

  18. I like everything about your post...Cool pics..

  19. Nestle Green Tea Latte?? I must try you...

    And ASOS has been having such good sales lately. Dangerous, of course.


  20. I love doing quizzes in magazines too. I'm pretty sure i'm an earthy type too.

  21. nice photos!
    love your boots on the 1st pic :)


  22. Lovely photos!! I love green tea latte but I have not seen this one by Nestle before. It looks really yummy. That red bean dessert looks really good too.


  23. Hmm.. I think I might be an earth type too :D

  24. really nice pictures. I love the first one, the ambience looks comfortable

  25. I love how you captured your photos! :) really creative....


  26. Asos is having 50% off footwear? I will need to check out their site then lol i seem to window shop on their webpage a lot, but i never buy anything. YUM, green tea latte sounds so good~ Hope you get some time to wine down with the holiday break mei! <3

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  27. I didn't know that Nestle made green tea latte mix. It sure looks tasty!

  28. wow green tea latte.. i wanna try it
    but i dont think can get it here in my area..
    i havent seen it..

    great pictures too

  29. The caramelized pear sounds so interesting!
    Great photos :)

  30. I love the quote from Lagerfield! :3 Mijn vakantie is net begonnen!

    Ik zit te denken om een olympus camera ana te schoenen, de E-PL3, de oploper van jouw model. Raad je het mij aan? Ik hoor het graag van je!

    Alvast een fijne vakantie en hele fijne dagen toegewenst!

  31. My mom would love to eat that red bean dessert, she loves red bean like crazy lol I'm not a huge fan but I can eat it somethings in certain forms but I like other types of asian desserts =3 You definitely seem like an earth type to me! (I actually used to be really into wicca/witch craft stuff lol) I wish powdered drinks would come with foam too and while they're at it some sprinkles and a cookie and whipped cream LOL The fresh sugar chapstick is very nice and fresh is more of a "natural" brand too, feels better than nivea lol

  32. lovely photos my dear. love the last one that muffin looks incredible!

    xx rae

  33. I love the first photo! great photo :)
    the muffin looks yummy!!
    same here, I can't wait for holiday too :)

  34. The green tea looks nice but
    I didn't quite like Nestle green tea, it looks so dense
    much prefer coffee :D or hot chocolate
    anyway nice photos, cozy effect


  35. i always love your photos! and i'm also ignoring school for a bit! it's so fun to finally relax for a bit =)


  36. /reply/ Bedankt voor je reacties! Ik was dinsdag klaar met de examens, nu afwachten op cijfers! :x

    Ik heb ook de E-PL5 gezien, deze is net uit (en duur €600,-, had jij dat toen ook voor de E-PL1 betaald?) maar ik weet niet wat ik van dat touchscreen moet vinden, ben daar met camera's en mp3's nooit een fan van geweest. Wat vind jij?

    Wel jammer dat ik niet eerder naar die systeemcamera's heb gekeken, ik ben redelijk blij met de Canon die ik nu heb maar ik mis een goed diafragma, iets wat op de compact camera's atlijd slecht is. Maar ik had toen mijn oude Canon erbij gehaald en gemerkt dat ik er qua diafragma nog er op achteruit gegaan ben ook >.>"

    Voor de rest is de huidige camera prima, maar ik wil er toch meer mee! Hopelijk kan ik hem voor een goede prijs verkopen en dan waarschijnlijk een EPL aanschaffen.

  37. I could eat muffins the every day ^-^
    Thank you so much for your nice comment, dear!

  38. Hi sweet! Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    Just let me know :)

  39. Cute pictures, I love your bag ;)

  40. i love the lagerfeld quote.. so good!



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